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Message Subject Fluroide is EXTREMELY toxic
Poster Handle Adamic Seed nli
Post Content
Guess what many cash strapped municipalities choose when the fluoride salesman comes to town?

Hey, they're both fluoride (saying the word,'fluoride' by itself is meaningless...like saying 'mixture'.)

a)Sodium Fluoride is the recycled waste of aluminum smelters' smokestacks.

b)Calcium Fluoride (remember CALCIUM bones and teeth)makes your teeth stronger.

How about, "Do you cook with aluminum pots?"

BUT, you HAVE TO realize that the fluoride waste products of big industries were considered SO HAZARDOUS that they couldn't be dumped/stores anywhere!

BUT, by a 'Miracle' of advertising, CREST found a way to add it to their toothpaste, and the POOR companies with the waste product HAD a place to DUMP IT ; IN YOUR MOUTH !

Isn't it wonderful ! Problem, reaction SOLUTION !

ISN'T GREED GRAND ! Money wins again; people die from IGNORANCE AGAIN !

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