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Message Subject Fluroide is EXTREMELY toxic
Poster Handle OptimusPrimeX
Post Content
What bottled water is safe and which are unsafe?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6298897

POland spring is good...
I could be wrong so anyone chime in here..

allegedly most brands are just filtered water and aren't from whatever island/mountain/etc they claim it is.
There are only a few brands that have small amounts and try to keep it that way.

Unless you can Reverse Osmosis your water, it's tought not getting at least a little.

Poland Spring from a list i saw quite a while back ( i can't find it now) has a lesser amount of fluoride.

REVERSE OSMOSIS removes fluoride

Chris white's website had some good video's and information on Fluoride. That is where i originally started into some of this.
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