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You pray, meditate and sing together, but you are not yet aware of the immense possibilities these activities offer for the good of all humanity

Anonymous Coward
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02/21/2012 06:02 AM
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You pray, meditate and sing together, but you are not yet aware of the immense possibilities these activities offer for the good of all humanity
"Why is it so important to form spiritual communities? I will give you an image: engineers build immense power stations capable of supplying energy to entire regions. Well, a spiritual group can be compared to a power station: it is able to provide the energy needed to project light far into space. For human minds are veritable batteries. They simply need to be united and put in contact with a divine idea; the currents they project will be received by vast numbers of other minds in the world, and these people will also decide to work for a divine idea.

You pray, meditate and sing together, but you are not yet aware of the immense possibilities these activities offer for the good of all humanity. It is time to become conscious of it and do this work, so that the light of the kingdom of God can be received by the greatest possible number of minds on earth."

Anonymous Coward
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02/21/2012 07:35 AM
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Re: You pray, meditate and sing together, but you are not yet aware of the immense possibilities these activities offer for the good of all humanity
Then, if we are so "Powerfull"...
Why we lost those power?
Do we all intoxicate with it?
Is, our "duality", a way to recover it in a better way?
Are the "Wetico" a group of entities (high levels ones) who try to force us (by it own sacrifice) to move/stay in the wrong way and, subtle, provoking our awareness on the correct path?
Anonymous Coward (OP)
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02/21/2012 07:50 AM
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Re: You pray, meditate and sing together, but you are not yet aware of the immense possibilities these activities offer for the good of all humanity
Then, if we are so "Powerfull"...
Why we lost those power?
Do we all intoxicate with it?
Is, our "duality", a way to recover it in a better way?
Are the "Wetico" a group of entities (high levels ones) who try to force us (by it own sacrifice) to move/stay in the wrong way and, subtle, provoking our awareness on the correct path?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 11146374

The true meaning of "showing the other cheek"

Improvised conference
given by O.M.A. in 1963

It says in the Gospel, “Whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also”. I sincerely hope that Christians who hear what I am going to say about this phrase will forgive me, for it is far beyond anything they could imagine. Let me assure them, at once, that the future will prove that my interpretation of it is the right one.

Certain moral precepts which were valid in the past are no longer right or useful for the present or the future. Jesus' words do not mean that we must always be passive in the face of insults an ill-treatment. He was not telling us always to accept and submit to violence and put up with torment and, in the long run, allow ourselves to be wiped out. It is true that this is how these words have often been interpreted, but I shall show you that that is not what he meant. Of course, if one does not possess the light, there is only one solution: to submit passively and allow others to destroy you. But that is a code of behavior for the weak and ignorant and it must not last for ever. It has never been decreed that spiritualists, the wise, Initiates and sons of God, should be perpetually oppressed, enslaved, ill-treated and put to death, while idiots and criminals prosper. For the time being this is still the situation, because men have lost the divine spark, they have lost the strength that comes from the sun, they have lost all fire, warmth, light and life and, because they have lost all this they will necessarily be beaten and ill-treated.

It has also been said,”You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavour, how shall it be seasonned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men.” So, there it is: if you lose your flavour you will be trampled on by men until you find it again. The Gospels do not say that you must be trampled underfoot for ever, but when you deserted God you lost all your powers and, now, you are an easy prey for the violent and corrupt.

At the time of Jesus, men needed to develop certain qualities and virtues which had never been emphasized before that; qualities such as indulgence, forgiveness and mercifulness. At the time, the code was one of justice, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. The new moral code that Chrsit introduced was designed to encourage men to cultivate the qualities of the heart. Instead of reacting to others with such crude weapons as stones or knives or the sword, they had to learn to respond with nobler, more loftly means; with humility, love, patience and magnanimity. This is what Christ meant. But he was speaking to the men and women of his day and age, and what he said to them is not necessarily valid for the rest of time. He is telling us, now, that there is a better way: “When you are the victim of an injustice, you must respond with such intelligence, such strength of character, such understanding, light and warmth, that your enemy is completely bowled over, blinded and thunderstruck. Yes, thunderstruck; that is to say, transformed. Not annihilated, not killed, but regenerated. Instead of killing your enemy you give him life by leading him closer to God. If you are capable of doing this, you are a true hero, a true son of God.”

Why should we always let our enemies massacre us and crow over us? We must not kill or hurt anyone, we all know that, but that is no reason why we should be the eternal underdog. We have to learn to defend ourselves by becoming like the sun and shining so brightly that even if people try to attack us with senseless cruelty, they will be dazzled and blinded. In this way you blind your enemies and then you open their eyes, just as Christ opened Saul's eyes when he was on his way to Damascus, bent on massacring the Christians. One ray of light and he fell blinded to the ground. And Saul became Paul. If you could blind people in this way, for just a few moments, and then heal them again, do you think that they would still be determined to persecute you? The new philosophy does not teach us to remain weak and at the mercy of cruel and violent people; it teaches us to become like the sun so that our enemies cannot touch or soil us and, if they approach us, they will melt like wax.

If human beings do not possess the power to use light in this way, it is simply because it has never occured to them. They have embraced a mindless philosophy of weakness and impotence on the pretext that they are supposed to turn the other cheek. Well, you can turn as many cheeks as you like, it will not do you any good and you will not change your enemies that way. They will continue to slap your face and, in the long run, to assassinate you. You are just going to have to understand the question differently. The “other cheek” is the other side, the other aspect of yourself, the side of spirit, the side of power and light. Jesus showed this other side to his tormentors. Hiw whole attitude proclaimed it: “You can imprison my physical body, you can even crucify it, but I'll show you the other side of my being, the indestructable, divine side. Strike me, if you like, but within three days I shall rebuild my temple.” And he kept his word: he showed his other side with the result that the whole world was revolutionized. He showed the divine side of his being, not the earthly side, and he rose from the dead!

Christians and spiritualists in general still have a lot to learn and understand. Instead of always allowing themselves to be overwhelmed by the powers of darkness or by materialistic philosophies, they must learn to unite. They have a habit of saying, “Amen. Amen. So be it”, and accepting whatever is flung at them. But it is time to stand together, now, for they have it in their power to transfrom the world and restore the Kingdom of God on earth. The time for saying that Jesus teaches us to turn the other cheek and let ourselves be martyred is over. This may have been acceptable in the past, because people could not do otherwise, they were not sufficiently advanced to hit back with sublime, divine weapons. But that is no longer true today.

Today we have the possibility of manifesting the power of the spirit through our knowledge and love, through our gestures and the whole of our behavior. This is where true strength lies. Why should we forever try to show that we are true Christians by being weak and spineless and cowardly? If that were the Christian ideal I should be the first to say that the world will never be rid of evil if we have to rely on a bunch of weaklings like that! We have to be strong an mighty, dynamic, active, impetuous, even violent – although, obviously, not with the violence of the physical plane. If Christianity is not properly understood it is worthless. True Christianity teaches us to be well armed, but with other arms and, when we are attacked, to show that other side, the side that is well armed, not the puny, impotent side. Until now no one has ever explained what that “other side” was.

Many of the things that were not well understood in the past will be better understood, today, and other entirely new things will have to be learned, for nothing is ever stagnant; everything changes and evolves. Jesus himself demonstrated this very clearly in teaching a new morality which was not that of Moses. The Gospels relate how, on several occasions, Jesus said, “You have heard that it was said to those of old... But I say to you...” Let met give you some examples of this: “You have heard that it was said to those of old, “Thou shalt not kill”, and whoever kills shall be in danger of the judgment. But I say to you that whoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment”; “You have heard that it was said to those of old, “You shall not commit adultery.” But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart”; “Again you have heard that it was said to those of old, “You shall not swear falsely, but shall perform your oaths to the Lord.” But I say to you, do not swear at all”, and, finally, “You have heard that it was said, “You shall love your neighbour and hate your enemy.” But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those that hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in Heaven”.

It is obvious, from these passages, that the moral law thaught by Jesus was no longer that of Moses. So why should there not be another, even more perfect moral law today? Christians will be scandalized by this suggestion because they consider that Jesus thaught a definitive doctrine: there is nothing more to be said. And what if Chrsit himself came and added some new notions? Can Christians deny him the right to do that? After all, everything has to grow and evolve. The laggards and all those who are too set in their ways, will be left behind. We are in favour of evolution, of something even more sublime, of the new life, the new religion which will be known throughout the length and breadth of the world, the true religion of Christ which has never yet been put into practice.

As long as men were still primitive, what could they be expected to understand? Before anything else, they needed to learn justice, and Moses was sent to teach them justice. Later on, Jesus was sent to teach love and forgiveness. But why stop there? That is not all there is. Forgiveness cannot solve all our problems. If someone tries to trash you, is there a law against you being stronger than he is? Why shouldn't you grab him by the leg and hold him up in the air, saying, “Do you want me to break every bone in your body?” Not that you would do it, of course. On the contrary, very gently, you would put him back on his feet again. Wouldn't that be much better?

What kind of Christianity is it that obliges you to be constantly ill-treated and massacred? I cannot accept that. You must be stronger than your enemy. So strong that the slightest gesture, a glance, a divine vibration flowing through you is enough to make him realize that you are far superior to him. And, when he feels so small, he will beg you to spare his life. “Very well, my friend”, you reply; “You're beginning to understand?” And as soon as you put him down, he will take to his heels and leave you in peace. Tell me frankly: wouldn't it be far better to be strong enough to react like that? I assure you it would. But no one has ever dared to envisage the possibility. The very idea seems far too ambitious, and that is exactly what I am interested in: giving you this ambition. How long it will take you to achieve such strength is another matter, but you can, at least, cultivate the desire to do so. You will never do anything worthwhile in the world if you are always passive, conciliatory, meek and vulnerable – wishy-washy.

There will be no more martyrs in the future. The martyrs of the past have already made the contribution that was required of them. They have fulfilled their mission. Besides, the main reason for their martyrdom was to allow them to pay off their debts and make good their past misdeeds more rapidly. Now that they have done that, why should they be martyred all over again? In the future, some beings will be so strong that when they know that someone is planning to injure them they will be able to put him to sleep at a distance, before he can get close enough to do them any harm. You will say, “That's a bit far-fetched, isn't it? You're going too far.” Not a bit of it. On the contrary, the time has come to lead human beings very, very far. At the moment they are in a dead-end street.

If you think that what I am saying is too much for you, very well, stay where you are. Others have more heroic ambitions. They want to be strong, powerful and full of light. They have no desire to be eternally victimized by the powers of darkness. When people like that are attacked they put up a fight. They know that they are not obligated to submit passively until they go under, on the theory that their destruction is “the will of God”. When Christians are stupidly submissive the powers of darkness smack their lips in gleeful anticipation of a feast. “Oho”, they say: “these Christians are tasty mosels. So juicy and tender! Let's make a dainty dish of them.” In other words, by their attitude, Christians actually serve themselves up as a choice dish for the powers of darkness. Sometimes one gets the impression that that is their only goal in life. Well, if they really want it that way, I have no objections. Let them go ahead and nourish the powers of darkness, but a true Christian defends himself by projecting a protective screen of light when he is threatened by forces of darkness. That is the reaction of a true Christian.

Some of you may think, “But we are not supposed to fight. It is written that we shouldn't try to contend with evil.” It is absolutely true, of course, that you should never try to battle with evil on it's own home ground because it is far too powerful there, and you would inevitably get the worse of it. But move to a higher plane; get above your adversary and, from your vantage point, hurl rockets and bolts of fire at it. You will soon see it turn tail and run. Man has an impregnable inner fortress, the fortress of light, armed with cannons and machine-guns that spit fire. What is to prevent you from turning the full force of that weaponry on your enemy and bombarding him with light? You will not kill or even injure anyone that way. On the contrary, you will transform them for the better. Aren't you perfectly within your rights in doing this? But people think that they have to behave “in a Christian manner” and, for them, that means letting themselves be martyred without reacting in any way. But the only thing that we are told in this respect is not to use the same weapons or react in the same way as the enemy.

Why assassinate someone who is trying to assassinate you? Paralyze him, blind him, put him to sleep, if you like, but get him to change his mind. There are some comic sketches based on this idea: we see someone plotting all kinds of dastardly deeds against a whole family, then along come a neighbour who talks so much nonsense, asks for so many stupid questions and makes so many impossible suggestions that the villain is completely bemused and disharmed. All that nonsense concealed the fact that the neighbour was really far more intelligent than the villain. So, you must defend yourselves. Not with the same arms, of course, with other, far more potent weapons which no one ever thinks of using because they do not really beleive in their efficacy. In fact, most people have no inkling that they exist.

Christians will never get out of the morass thay are in if they do not learn to work with divine methods. The very fact that they neglect the sun and attribute no spiritual value to it, proves that they have not got the means they need to overcome evil. But once they realize that they have disdained and neglected the sun, they will humble themselves and the sun will forgive them and, when that day comes, they will be all-powerful and the reign of evil will be over and done with. As long as Christians refuse to recognize that the sun is a gateway to God, they will always be weak. They can pray as much as they like and fill their churches with the smoke of incense, but that will never put anything right; the world will still be devastated by catastrophes, and disorder and chaos will continue to reign. But the day they recognize that the sun is the visibal image of God in the physical plane, and a doorway that gives them direct access to Him, it will be much easier for them to reach Him.

There is no doubt about it: the future belongs to the bold, to those who fight and work according to the laws of their divine nature. It is they who will have the last word. You must not beleive that, just because things were thus and so in the past, they are going to be like that forever.

Now, let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, in Bulgaria, there was a young schoolteacher. He was not very big or strong, but he was an intelligent, sensible young man. One day he was with some friends in the village square and one of them, a big, hulking fellow who was not very bright, did not agree with something the schoolteacher said and started to argue with him. When the schoolteacher began to get the better of him with his intelligent arguments, the colossus lost his temper and let fly: one, two, and our hero was flat on his back! Of course, the others laughed and applauded the winner. After all, he was a real heavyweight, and physical prowess is always much admired. The poor young teacher went slowly and sadly home, the laughter and jeers of his friends ringing in his ears. But then, wonder or wonders, when he got home he found that his cow had calved and there was a lovely little calf in the meadow. He bent over and stroked it and then picked it up in his arms and hugged it, forgetting all about his recent humiliation. The next morning, and every morning after that, he would go up and pick up the calf and pet it.

This went on for several months. The calf was rapidly growing into a full-sized bullock but the schoolteacher never noticed. He just went on picking it up. Then, one day, he suddenly realized that his muscles had developed enormously and he decided to go down and join his friends in the village square, once again. When he got there, there was the bully who had knocked him out, bragging and preening himself, as usual. Going up to him, our hero asked him, “Do you remember me?” “I'll say I do”, said the bully; “You're the little chap I knocked out.” Without a word, the schoolteacher stooped, grabbed him by the leg and held him up, at arm's length, over his head. “Make your peace with God”, he said; “Because I'm going to throw you to the ground and smash you to smithereens!” Well, of course, the big bully started to whimper and beg for mercy: “Forgive me, forgive me. I'm sorry I hit you. Don't kill me.” “Very well”, said the teacher; “As long as you're sorry...” and put him gently down on the ground, whereupon the bully took to his heels and ran. All the other young men laughed and cheered and the teacher went home feeling very pleased and proud of himself: a true hero! So you see, you must never let yourselves be vanquished and trodden underfoot because you will not help others to be any better that way. They will just go on bullying you and misusing their strength. If you are too meek and mild, people think, “Aha, there's someone who won't fight back. Let's take advantage of him.”

The Lord asks strength, intelligence, light and power of His servants. If you want to conquer your difficulties, your enemies, therefore, you have to build up your strength. See if you cannot find a little calf somewhere – in your head, perhaps – and practise picking it up every day. You will soon be so strong, and so luminous and powerful, that you will be capable of picking up your enemies and holding them up in the air, telling them, “Make your act of contrition; I'm going to smash you to smithereens!” You will not kill them, of course; you will not even hurt them, so you will have nothing on your conscience. This is the true philosophy: instead of killing someone you help him and give him a chance to become wiser, more reasonable and better behaved. In other words you teach him something extremely important.

Don't try to hide behind weakness. Weakness will not save you and nor will stupidity nor indolence. You must meditate, search and practise and, one day, when you are as bright and as hot as the sun you will be invulnerable for, after all, can anyone touch the sun without burning himself? Ill-wishers will steer clear of you because – symbolicly speaking – you will be aflame, a fiery furnace. In the face of true spiritual strength, everyone is obliged to lay down their arms.

You will say, “Yes, but if I turn the other cheek, my enemy will be ashamed and beg me to forgive him”. Don't you beleive it. He will not repent; he is more likely to treat you worse than ever. No, you would do much better to follow the example of that young schoolteacher who picked up his calf every day. As an example, it is unique, you could find none better. Day and night, for years on end, you must practise and grow stronger and stronger until, one fine day, you seek your enemies, saying, “Do you recongnize me? You'd better look out because you're in for a surprise!” And, at the sight of your strength and the light radiating from you, they will realize that while they were resting on their laureals, you have been in training and have become invincible.

Take an example from mothers; they know what to do. When a child is disobedient and does exactly the opposite of what she tells him, she shows him the “other cheek”. That is to say, she begins by reasoning with him and perhaps, even, sheds a few tears. But if the child still refuses to obey she gives him a taste of the slipper, and he instantly understands and obeys. She does not kill him, but by showing him the “other side”, the side of stength, she teaches him a lesson. Instinctively, she reacts divinely.

There are two sides (in fact, there are three or four or, even, ten, but to make things simpler, let's just say that there are two), gentleness and strength, and it is important to know when and how to use them. Very often, when you are feeling depressed, worried or discouraged, it is because undesirable spirits are tormenting you, attacking you like a swarm of wasps, mosquitos or snakes. Is this the time for gentleness? Should you let them invade you and feed on you without a word of protest? On the contrary, it is time to show the other side, the side of strength. With words and gestures, you must show your strength and light and, in this way, teach them a much-needed lesson. And you can do this every single day. Why sit there suffering and feeling sorry for yourself? Show the other side, show you strength, your will-power. Get up and chase these entities away; don't allow thoughts and feelings that torment you and sap all your energies to drag on and on.

It all this clear, now? It goes against the traditional ideas, I know, but that dosen't matter. The important thing is that it is useful. And it works! You must adopt ideas and methods that work instead of clinging indefinitly to attitudes that are totally ineffective. To begin with, these new notions may shock you but, if you want to become stronger and stronger, always stronger, but without violence, without killing or destroying, you will be obliged to accept them. You can be strong, invincibly strong, thanks to the light.

Thus, each one of you must begin training and practising in order to be strong. You can only do it with practice. When war breaks out and you have to give battle to the powers of darkness, will you be ready? Start by trying to overcome the minor enemies within. Put them to rout. Stop giving in to them on the pretext that you are a Christian and don't beleive in violence. A strange kind of Christian, indeed! Don't you know that Christians are knights-errant? They are fighters, Christ's soldiers, and they must be well armed. Why do you suppose that so many Orders of knights were created in the Middle Ages? Simply because a true Christian is just the opposite of a meek and timid individual. He is a soldier, and his arms are light and the power of spirit.

The Bonfin, France, September 12, 1963
Cosmic Moral Law, Complete Works,

[link to www.liveyourquest.com]
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 11199325
02/21/2012 07:53 AM
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Re: You pray, meditate and sing together, but you are not yet aware of the immense possibilities these activities offer for the good of all humanity

Today people divide Christ into aspects such as "historical," "cosmic," "mystical" and so on. But Christ in his essence is one and indivisible.

There is only one Christ - the living Christ who is the manifestation of God, the manifestation of Love.
Christ is God revealing Himself to the world.

As a manifestation of God, Christ cannot be separated from Him, cannot be considered apart from Him.

And when I speak of Christ, I do not mean an abstract principle, but rather an actual incarnation of Love. Love is the greatest reality and not an abstraction. It has form, content and meaning.

Christ - whatever conception people have of him as "historical," as "cosmic," as "mystical," - gave to the earth the fullest expression of Love.

This is because as an historic personality, as a cosmic essence, and as a mystical experience, Christ is and remains the most perfect expression of Love.

Indeed, no other man on earth before Christ had greater love than His.

There is neither in the cosmos without, nor in the mystic depths of the soul within, a fuller expression of Love than that which we personify in Christ.

Therefore, how are the words "historical," "cosmic," and "mystical" to be understood?
Manifested on the earth at a certain historical moment as the ideal man, as an example of the real man, Christ is "historical." And the times in which he lived record an bear witness to Him: "Behold, the man! Behold, the true man in whom Love, Wisdom, and Truth live, and who applies them."

When he is experienced in the inward depths, he is "mystical," and when he is comprehended and known as God manifested in the world, he is "cosmic."

The physical side of Christ is all of humanity united in one body. All human souls in which Christ lives, united into one - this is the physical aspect of Christ.

All angels, gathered into the heart of Christ, represent his spiritual aspect.

And all divine beings, united in the mind of Christ, are his divine aspect.

This is the "cosmic" Christ, God manifested in the world.

That is why the mystic sees Christ everywhere - as the great Brother of humanity, the archetype of man, the First-Born in the world, the beginning of the human race, the beginning of human evolution. The First-Born who developed and manifested all divine virtues, who applied all divine laws.

The mystic sees Christ as the First-Born who passed every trial and sacrificed all for his brothers.
Mountains, fields, springs, rivers, and seas, with all the natural wealth hidden therein - all this is an expression of this Great Brother.

But this is a great mystery, for the understanding of which thousands of years of unremitting work are necessary.

Thus does one need to conceive of Christ in his comprehensiveness.

He is One, although people consider him sometimes as "historical," sometimes as "cosmic," or as "mystical."

All these words must come to life in the true understanding of Christ as the manifested and revealed Love of God; they must not remain dry concepts, prisons for human thought.

Indeed, is not the "historical" Christ, who came to earth two thousand years ago, a prison for the minds of many Christians? Where in the Scripture did Christ two thousand years ago speak of himself as of an historical personality? He speaks of himself as Spirit, as one who will remain on earth "to the end of the ages," that is until the epoch of violence and evil, now in its last days, comes to an end.

"Go and preach," he says to his disciples, "and I shall be with you to the end of the ages."

One of the worst delusions is to think that Christ is in heaven, that he sits and waits for the Last Judgment, when he will begin to judge the living and the dead.

The truth is that Christ has never left the earth. Remember his words: "All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth."

Christ is he Who has inspired, is inspiring, and will inspire the "historical," "cosmic," and "mystical" life of the earth and humanity.

Without Christ, there could be no history.

Without Christ, there could be no "cosmos," no organized and established world.

Without Christ, there could be no "mystical" life.

He is the great inspirer of all revelations in all times. He is the unseen moving force behind the whole spiritual life of humanity.

The Scripture, in which Christ is the central figure, is a witness to this.

Christ himself hints at this with the words: "Moses and the prophets wrote about me."

Moses, in a general sense, comprises all the spiritual leaders of humanity, all scientists, philosophers, writers, poets, artists and musicians who prepare the minds of men for the understanding of Christ, the divine Truth.

However transitory their works seem, however changeable their theories, they are not arbitrary; they are created under the influence of a universal law of the Spirit, working in mankind in a special way.
All those men, therefore, worked for the manifold upliftment of humanity; they prepared the way for the coming of Christ.

It is not easy for a great Spirit such as Christ to come among men. Men had to work hard in the course of several thousand years in order that Christ might appear among them. It is not easy to come to the earth.

But with his descent to the earth, Christ opened a new epoch in the evolution of humanity. He indicated the only way by which the human soul can ascend to God.

This is why he said, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life."

The Way: in the broadest sense of the word, this is the movement of the Spirit towards an intelligent application of the laws of Nature.

The Life: this is the harmonious organization of the elements and the development of the forces in the Divine soul.

The Truth: this is the manifestation of the One God, who creates the conditions for the development of all living beings.

Coming from the Divine world of Truth and descending to the material world, Christ connects human souls to the world of Truth, where the great aims of every life are hidden.

There must necessarily be a link to unite human souls sunken in matter, with God. Only Christ can form that link - only Christ can unite men with God.

He came down from the Divine world, bringing life from the world of Truth, and ascended back to it, and in this way he indicated the path leading from temporal life to the eternal.

"And this is life eternal," says Christ, "that they should know Thee the only true God, and him who Thou didst send Jesus Christ."

To know God is to know the seeds of the Spirit - the conditions, the powers, and the laws which sustain it, and according to which this wonderful order of things is built.

And Christ is the intelligent beginning who comes from the One God, bringing life to all beings, guiding them and sustaining them, and linking them to the initial center of all that is.

Christ is the way of this intelligent movement of souls which leads them to life eternal in Truth.
And when Christ is asked why he came to earth, he replies, "To this end was I born and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the Truth."

These words, however, are a mathematical formula. The question of the coming of Christ is one of the deepest questions in human life. Many people think that it is very easy to reply to this question. They say that Christ came to the earth in order to suffer and to save humanity.

The coming of Christ to the earth is not a matter of suffering. The suffering was a secondary occurrence in the life of Christ - it is far from determining this very important moment in the history of humanity.

Salvation, in the way in which it is usually understood, is also a partial conception of this great event.

But today, all the preachers say that Christ came to the earth to save humanity. If Christ had saved the world in such a mechanical way as people believe, and if they were truly saved, then they would not live in a way so contrary to the spirit of Christ's teaching.

Clearly, the idea of salvation has an entirely different meaning. It is not where people look for it, nor does it come mechanically as they think.

Christ brought to the earth the science of the soul. He pointed out the path by which human souls can know God and obtain eternal life.

The gate of that path is Love. He who passes through this gate will find himself on that royal road where great deeds await him.

Many great souls came to the earth before Christ, but they were unable to cope with the difficult task of uplifting humanity. Christ had to come to earth in order to solve this essential and very important problem, and to show to men a proven way by which they, too, might solve it.

Before Christ, God sent into his field his servants - the prophets and the saints - but they were not able to accomplish the task in the way in which it should have been done.

When Christ, "the Son of God," came to the earth, the workers of all of heaven united in his name in order to complete the work which had been begun.

It is written in the Gospel that "God so loved the world that he gave his only- begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but should have eternal life."

The Son is the Word, the Rational, the Divine, the only one who could restore harmony to the world and the connection of the human soul with God.

Christ could restore that connection, he could influence humanity as a whole, because he himself was connected with the great, mighty One.

When the Gospel speaks of the descent of the Spirit upon Jesus, it refers to the union of Jesus with the collective Spirit of the world of reason, whereby the realization of a Divine idea became possible on the earth.

This is a law on the earth - in order to accomplish the work of God, a man on the earth must unite with a being in heaven. In this case, the being was the collective divine Spirit.

From this point of view, Christ is a collective spirit. He exists as a unit and at the same time he is a collective spirit. He is the sum total of all Sons of God whose hearts and souls are fountains of life and love.

All Sons of God, united in one, all intelligent souls who live in Divine communion - all this is Christ.
The descent of Christ to the earth is the most important event in the history of humanity. It is a unique event in its content and meaning. The fundamental idea of human life is connected with it - the idea of immortality, the idea of eternal life. And the efforts of all human existence have as their ultimate goal the attaining of immortality and entering into eternal life.

"And this is life eternal," says Christ, "that they should know Thee, the only true God, and him whom Thou didst send, Jesus Christ."

Know God, and know Christ.

Did people know Christ when he appeared two thousand years ago? Do they know him today? When truth comes into the world, it is not clothed in royal garments, but rather in modest apparel.

Thus Christ appeared two thousand years ago in a simple form, in which men could not recognize him. But such are the laws of this world.

In this modest apparel, seemingly a man like all other men, even his disciples did not know Him completely. Only three of them at the transfiguration saw Christ's "face," His inner self. In this inner light they saw Him and recognized Him as he was among the angels.

For the jewish people, Christ was "the son of Joseph, the son of the carpenter." For the scribes and the Pharisees, He was a blasphemer, a self-styled messiah who called himself "Son of God." He did not come from among them, He was not taught by them.

Where, in fact, did Christ study? Everything that he did testified to his wide learning. Yet, even today there are people who think that Christ was a common, uneducated person. This is not true. Christ himself, addressing his listeners, said, "If I told you earthly things and you believe not, how shall you believe if I tell you heavenly things?" When He spoke of "heavenly things," Christ referred to the great mysteries of the sun. However, He understood "earthly things" as well - He knew the Cabal, and the philosophies of the Eastern nations and of the Greeks, as well as the sciences of the time.

Indeed, Christ had no need to study in human schools. His entire earthly life was in itself objective learning for Him.

His life was a source of new experience, a field for the application of those sublime principles and great laws, whose functions He had known in the invisible world. Due to his awakened consciousness and his connection with the invisible world, Christ was always able to obtain knowledge directly therefrom.

And when He prayed, prayer was a conversation with the world of reason.

Through prayer, Christ communicated with the invisible world, with all the hierarchies there and with God. Through prayer the invisible world revealed to Christ that great lesson which He had to learn on earth, and disclosed to him the problem He had to solve in the environment of earthly life.

After having solved his difficult problem, Christ understood through experience that the only way to save humanity is through Love. Only then did He fully comprehend the profound meaning of all of his suffering.

However, to men, regardless of what they say, the sufferings of Christ, his crucifixion and his disgraceful death, still remain one of the deepest mysteries.

Why did Christ, the greatest soul that ever came to the earth, the greatest character ever manifested, why did this good, intelligent, and strong man have to undergo such a tragic death?
The Scripture says that it was thus "written" - and nothing more.

Others maintain that it was necessary for this to happen so that the world might be saved.
But Christ himself says that He came into the world to bear witness to the Truth.

One thing can be said with certainty - Christ was crucified because Love did not outwardly participate in his life. And where Love does not participate, the most severe sufferings and the greatest tragedies occur. Love does not cause them, but the competition for love creates them. Love in itself always and everywhere brings light, peace and joy.

In any case, we see that Christ's crucifixion was permitted.

On the cross Christ underwent what might be called ideological-mystical suffering, the deepest and the most intense suffering which a human soul can undergo.

He had to drink from the cup of suffering to the last drop - that cup into which were gathered all the bitter dregs of the past.

But during this profound and intensified suffering, all of the secrets of the past were disclosed to him. And conscious of the great importance of the moment, after the inner struggle in the garden of Gethsemane, Christ said, "It was for this hour that I came."

Through the great alchemy of Love, Christ converted the poisons gathered in that cup, and thus destroyed violence forever.

And indeed could not Christ - a strong man of genius who knew his high origin, who foresaw everything, who knew what was about to happen - have averted the sufferings which awaited Him?

He had the choice either to call forth the "legions of angels" and with their help to annihilate both the Jewish nation and the Roman Empire - that is, to use the method of the past, Moses and Elijah's method of violence and the sword, which was the method of the old magi and adepts - or to accept the cup and the cross and to overcome them through the power of Love.

Christ chose the second, a unique experiment on earth.

And indeed, if Christ had feared the suffering, if He had eared the cross on which later He was crucified, or the nails with which He was nailed to it, or the spear with which He was pierced, He would not have provided a new and essential solution to the difficult task of uplifting the human soul.

He dissolved the insults, and the lashes of the whip, and the cross, and the nails, and the spear, with the fire of Love - the only fire that can melt the weapons of violence. The experiment proved successful.

Thus Christ solved a problem upon which the future of all of humanity depended. Thus He opened the path of salvation to those suffering souls for whom He came.

For those simple but noble souls who had the courage to put their faith in Him, and not for the learned, the powerful and the religious people of His age, did Christ lay down His life so that they might live in the Love which He gave them.

Something very great is hidden in the sufferings of Christ. They constitute the hidden side of Christ's life, of which men know nothing.

And when I speak of the sufferings of Christ, two great virtues of Christ come to mind - His unprecedented patience, and His humility. Through these, He endured all the abuses, insults and offenses which men inflicted upon Him. Christ endured all of these and remained silent, calm and unmoved, as though nothing were happening. Not a tear fell from His eyes.

This is great patience, this is self-mastery, this is Love.

This is a rock which nothing can shatter.

Christ's crucifixion was a tragedy, but this tragedy had its solution in the resurrection.

Christ rose from the dead, and through his resurrection He conquered death. And as in his sufferings the secrets of the past were revealed to Him so in the resurrection He received the revelation of the future.

Christ is truly a strong man, a mighty spirit, a hero. He overcame everything - tortures, the cross and the grave.

Christ did not carry the wooden cross to the end. He carried it only to a certain place and then He laid it on the ground. People think that He laid it down because He was exhausted beneath its weight.

Christ was not a weakling. He could have carried the cross, but He laid it down in order to point out to humanity what was in store for them. He implied, "I can carry the cross of the sufferings of living men, but I do not wish to carry a wooden cross."

But present-day Christians still carry and kiss the wooden cross, disdained by Christ himself.
Having cast the wooden cross upon the ground, Christ stood up, and upright he made his way to Golgotha. They nailed him to the cross. But He did not remain there long. He alone unnailed himself. How? He left his body and went to Joseph of Arimathea.

Christ was buried and His tomb was sealed. But He also left the tomb. He did not want to leave his body in the tomb, because it was alive. He himself resurrected it.

The angel that caused his death took his soul to hell, but Christ did not remain there long. His entrance into hell caused a revolution - He activated all of hell's inhabitants and set them free. Do not think that after his resurrection Christ was alone - in hell He was the leader of a host of angels who emptied hell of all of its prisoners.

Thus Christ proved that the strong man cannot remain nailed to a cross, nor can he be sealed in a grave. The strong man never dies - he is resurrected and he gives life to others.

Christ was the heart of God, and that is why He resurrected. God's heart cannot die. It returned whence it came. But throughout all of this tragedy enacted on Golgotha, new blood was infused into the exhausted veins of humanity, and a new impulse was brought to the divine circulation of life.

When He came to the earth two thousand years ago, Christ revealed to us only one side of his nature.

We see Christ then in humiliation and grief, in sufferings and trials. We see him as a hero of redemption.

People do not yet know Christ in his glory, in his divine might and power.

Christ is strong and mighty now!

In the past, the hands of Christ were nailed. Today no one can nail these hands - the nails would be melted at once! In the past they crucified Christ, but today there is not a tree large enough on which He could be crucified.

Christ cannot be crucified a second time.

This Christ is coming now to visit the minds and hearts of men. He will demolish all prisons; He will obliterate all false teachings - everything that destroys man's mind and heart, that brings confusion and anarchy, that paralyzes human life. He is the living Christ who brings life, light and freedom to all souls, who uplifts and awakens in them love toward all.

When I say that Christ is coming now, some might think that He will come outwardly. Christ will not come outwardly, He will come neither in the form of a man, nor in any other form.

When the rays of the sun enter into your homes, does that mean that the sun itself has visited you?
Remember, Christ is e manifestation of divine Love. And He will come as an inner light in the minds and hearts of men. This light will draw all toward Christ as around a great center.

The opening of men's minds and hearts, and the inner acceptance of Christ - this will be the second coming of Christ to the earth.

If they do not accept Him in this way, people will continue to live without love, in suffering and misery, in outer beliefs, superstitions, and delusions.

Captives of those outer beliefs, many religious people today err when they say, "Christ brought good tidings two thousand years ago. He said all that He had to say, and now He has gone to heaven, where He will remain until the Day of Judgment, when He will come again to judge the living and the dead."

But I say to you: Christ did not preach the good tidings in time and space!

We do not consider Christ and His teaching as something that is past.

We do not consider Christ and His teaching as something that will come in the future.

For us, Christ and His teaching are an everlasting present!

Therefore, it was not only during his three years of reaching that Christ spoke to us; He has not ceased speaking during all of these two thousand years. And if it were possible to restore all that He said in those three years to the people of that time, and if it were possible also to restore what He said in the course of these two thousand years, men would have very valuable knowledge.

But only very little of what Christ said during those three years of preaching has come down to us - only fragments. Many of the Epistles of Paul, as well as of the other apostles, remain hidden from the world. But some day they will come to light. Even now they are being disclosed, but only to advanced pupils.

On the other hand, do you think that Christ divulged all of his teaching? In comparison with what He possessed, Christ gave very little to his contemporaries. The men of that time were not ready for science. Therefore, He spoke to them in parables. Christ did not want to put his weapon in the hands of the ignorant, so that they might turn it against Him.

Do you think that if Christ came now He would speak as He spoke two thousand years ago? Christ will speak today in an entirely different manner.

First of all, He will preach about the great science of Love, and the methods of its application. He will preach about the path of pupilage, brotherhood and service. The law of evolution requires it today.

And now the Great Master addresses himself to all awakened souls, proclaiming to them the fundamentals of the new gospel:

That all be diligent pupils,
good brothers, true and loyal servers!

Only those who are diligent pupils, good brothers, and true servers can create the new culture in which Christ will live in every man and among all people.

Today, Christ has no need of ordinary believers, religious people who fight one another, nor of rulers and priests, but rather of real men, creators of the new - pupils, brothers, and servers. Today Christ does not want men who constantly crucify Him within themselves, but men who will welcome Him to live within them and among them, who will be one with Him.

Today, Christ proclaims a culture without crucifixions, the culture of resurrection!

We nave seen well the results of the present culture created by those who crucified Christ.

It is time for the foundations of a new culture to be laid, a culture built not by people who worship the crucified Christ, but by men-brothers in whom lives the resurrected Christ, the living Christ of Love.
The foundation of this culture will be Love.

Love is the only power that can make of men diligent pupils, good brothers, true and loyal servers, builders of the new life.

This is the "new" which Christ brings to humanity today.

This is the Word of the Great White Brotherhood; this is what the Master speaks.

And will not many believers, then, who call themselves Christians, be enticed by His word? And will they recognize Him?

They will continue to argue about the "crucified," the "historical" and the "cosmic" Christ; about the Christ as He is considered by the various churches, and the spirit of his Living Word will remain strange to them.

Therefore, I say to you: Leave aside these definitions and differentiations of Christ! Know that there is only one Christ, the Christ of great Love, who at present is active in the world and in the souls of men.

I speak to you of that Christ, and not of the "historical" or the "crucified" Christ. Men know Him well as an historical personage, but they do not know Him as Living Love.

I speak to you of the living Christ, of that Christ who has life within himself, who brings the living knowledge and light, who brings the truth and freedom; of that Christ who teaches all methods for the building of rational life.

He is the great Christ, who is called the Head of the Great Universal Brotherhood.
All great souls know Him, and they never argue about who and what He is, what He was, where He is now, what place He holds in the "hierarchy of masters," and so on.

They never argue because they know very well what place Christ has in the Whole, just as they know the place of the other great men who have appeared and are appearing in the world.

This is the Christ that men must come to know today! They must see Him - see and know Him! Many men wish to convince us that we may be true Christians without seeing and knowing Christ inwardly. But I maintain that if a man does not see Christ, nothing will come of him.

In order to see Christ, one must have a mind, a heart, a soul, and a spirit like His. All those to whom Christ appeared before they reached that stage, fell down with faces toward the ground. And what can a fallen man see?

Man must drink from the source itself and not from the river, which is muddy because many other additives entered into it.

Follow the path that leads to this source - the path is difficult and long, but you will drink living water from the spring itself, and it will refresh your mind and heart forever.

Spacious views, unseen until then, will be opened to your sight.

On that mountain where the living water flows forth, you will hear the voice of God.

Do not ask to remain there, but come down to your brothers. Come down and put into practice, like a pupil, like a brother, and like a server, the Living Word of your Heavenly Father who draws you to Him by the threads of His Love.

These threads are in the hands of Christ, the manifested God of Love.

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)
Anonymous Coward
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02/21/2012 07:54 AM
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Re: You pray, meditate and sing together, but you are not yet aware of the immense possibilities these activities offer for the good of all humanity
Yeah look I don't want to join the Borgs really I like having my own thoughts
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02/21/2012 08:11 AM
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Re: You pray, meditate and sing together, but you are not yet aware of the immense possibilities these activities offer for the good of all humanity

It was a calm, clear spring evening. We were seated comfortably around our dear Master under the trees in the yard. The stars were visible through the branches. Cricket sounds were audible. There are times which the World of Supreme Intelligence prepares from afar There are times when the sounds of the world appear to be in perfect polyphonic harmony. We sang a few songs. And then in the silence that fell, somebody brought up the question about the inner work of the disciple.
The Master said:

"Prayer is the most powerful act in the human life. It brings into a singular focus man's thoughts, feelings and will. Such a prayer is powerful. It works miracles. Prayer is the most beautiful work! It is a conversation with God. There is no more important moment than this: for man to view God's face! How beautiful it is, upon rising in the morning, to talk with the Immortal One!

"He who is not interested in God gradually loses his energy and falls behind. While thinking about the Angels, man is in the Angelic World. When you think about God, you are in the Divine World. We live in whatever world we are thinking about.

"One environment tolerates you for a certain period of time, but after that you move onto another one. Fish were in the water. After a while, the most advanced of them went into a less dense environment. Because of the great constraint in which they had found themselves, the idea entered their minds that another more favorable life existed in a less dense environment - above the water. And in such a way, they became birds.

"Man, as well, when he finds himself under restricted conditions, strives towards God. You strive today, again tomorrow, and finally you enter a more supreme Life. The idea creates the form.
"The Law is: if you think about a good man, light will come into your mind and warmth into your heart. If you think about a maleficent man, darkness will appear in your mind and cold in your heart.
"This Law is about our relationship to God. When you connect with God, light will enter your consciousness, and profound peace your soul. If you connect with the Angels, again you will be filled with bright thoughts and noble feelings. When you think about the plants and animals, they also influence you. The Law states: You connect with whatever you are thinking about.

"Through prayer, man communicates with God and with the Advanced Beings. Then God tells man about Love and about the Intelligent Beings. When you get up in the morning, direct your consciousness to the Higher Reality. After that, independent of what you are doing, studying or hoeing, address the Invisible World for help. Instead, you immediately start to labor in the morning; you forget about the great Reality, about the Intelligent Forces in Nature. There is a Law which States: when man directs his consciousness to the Higher Reality, it abides within him. And when he directs his consciousness to the shadows, he lives in the shadows.

"Prayer and contemplation are the efforts of the soul to ascend to a higher place. In this way an influx of mental energy will come, and so the work of the conscious human life will become easier. To pray and to contemplate - this means to send forth your report to that Supreme Center from which you have descended. What will you report about? About the work you have accomplished. In response to your report, a correct exchange between your thoughts and feelings and those of the Evolved Beings of the Supreme World will occur. If somebody thinks that prayer, contemplation and meditation are not necessary, he is on the wrong path.

"When you pray, you determine your own status. When you pray, you are in a continuous connection with the whole Genesis of Creation. When you know this, do not obstruct that natural process within you.

"From prayer, man acquires energy from the Divine World. The Law of prayer is the same as the Law of Nourishment. When deprived of food, a man will feel some lack. When the soul is deprived of prayer, a need is also felt. Prayer is the inner necessity of the soul.

"Prayer is a reality, not a shadow. That which at a given moment gives strength to the mind, heart, soul and spirit is something real.

"Prayer is the conscious work of the human soul. When one prays, the soul steps beyond the ordinary consciousness. We can describe this process as an emergence from the narrow confines in which man lives.

"Prayer resembles the extending of the ameba's pseudopodia to catch its food. This is an unceasing process. For the new to come into man, he needs to direct his mind to the Supreme Center of the Universe every morning.

"Prayer is a law of watering. Through it all good influences are attracted. When a man is praying, everything around him grows and develops. When a man understands the great Law of prayer, he will become a true man; he will become one of the great initiates.
"Have you seen how an Angel prays?

"Prayer is the first method through which we begin to learn the Divine Language. If you do not pray, you will never learn it. Through prayer, we study God's Language. We still do not know God's Language.

"True prayer implies concentration, seclusion. Nobody should see you when you are praying. When the merchant is praying, he should forget about his business, all his dealings."

On another occasion the Master said:
"Prayer is one of the means through which one comes to know God as Love. It leads to Love, to the good and sublime elevated state you attain - to help, to forgive your fellow man, to uplift the fallen one. This is due to the time you have spent in your secret chamber.
"Man must pray so that God does not turn His face away from him. It is frightful when God hides His face from man! Then such darkness, cold and solitude will come which he has never had experienced in his life.

"A saint receives his knowledge through prayer, contemplation, meditation and observation. He prays for a long time, until he receives inspiration and obtains new thoughts.

"Wherever you are, in whatever situation you may be, take a half-hour or an hour to think about God. In such a way, your consciousness expands. To think about the Great Intelligent Cause, about the Supreme Center of Creation, is worth more than all the material wealth on earth. The thought of God also renews and rejuvenates the physical body because the energy reaches it as well.

"If somebody says that he does not need to think about God, he becomes like an orphaned child without a father and mother and goes around in torn clothes, homeless and friendless. Then the parasites start to attack him, and he loses his bearing in life. I am speaking figuratively. I will translate: when a man stops thinking about God, he begins to be vulnerable, and dark inferior beings attack him.

"Man cannot attain anything, if he does not pray. Pray so that more light may come into your consciousness.

"There are no beings more highly developed than the Angels. The next phase which humankind will enter is the angelic phase. Then our unrefined earthly bodies will be changed into energetic ones. They will be composed of more refined matter. How will these be created? Through prayer, contemplation, meditation. In other words, prayer is a method of organizing the spiritual body, the new body in which man will live.

"I ask modern scientists and philosophers how many times a day they think about God. The cause for the misfortune of modern man lies in the fact that they do not remember God. Prayer is a method for solving the most difficult tasks. Doubt, suspicion, skepticism and many other negative thoughts and sentiments are the cause of most of the diseases in mankind. Through prayer, man may overcome these negative conditions. There is a miraculous power in prayer.

"For a man to recite a verse from the Scripture with the will to understand is sufficient for Christ to come and help him. He will bring light into his mind and will improve his affairs.

"Prayer increases the vibration of the human aura. In this way, man becomes immune to the inferior influences surrounding him. Through prayer, man can insulate himself from the anxieties and fears of the world. They cannot penetrate him.

"When man is praying for one of his good desires to be fulfilled, the Invisible World always helps. You are ill. Pray to God, and very soon you will recover. There is nothing in the whole world which man desires that God did not accomplish. The world represents the desires of these small beings. God has granted all their desires.

"If everyone would address God with the supplication: 'God, we have used all means to put order into the world. Give us a way of doing this.' And if they prayed from the heart, the course of action would come. This method is very simple, but when applied, God will come into the world and will help people.

"There is no living being in the world, small or large, whose appeal God has not answered. There is no case in which God has not answered your disordered mail. Put your mail in order. The mail from the Invisible World leaves on time, but when it reaches the earth, the letters get lost somewhere and are delayed for months.

"How beautiful it is for man to realize that he occupies a place in the Mind of God. When he has this awareness and addresses God with a plea for something, his prayer is received.
"Ask God to abide in you and to reveal Himself through you. The only One who transforms people is God.

"All people are searching for the meaning of Life. The meaning of Life is in communication with God.
"The most favorable hours for prayer are the early hours after midnight, for example 3: 00 a. m. and 5: 00 a. m. The psalmist says, 'God I summoned Thee at early dawn.' This means that in the morning before sunrise, I will occupy myself with the most sublime work - communion with the Supreme Center of Creation - to gain the energy necessary to accomplish my work throughout the day. Wherever man goes, whatever work he starts, he needs energy. If he lets the world influence him, the mundane affairs will put him off the track of his life. In the morning when you rise, you need to have one essential thought - to open as a flower. Christ spent the whole night in prayer. Why? Because during those hours, He replenished Himself with the energy He had spent during the day.

"Man must pray. He must work on himself to be ready for the new which is coming into the world. How long should you pray? Incessantly. Prayer does not imply that you need to stop and pray the whole day. You can be in motion and pray at the same time. Work does not exclude prayer. You can pray constantly. Only the one who lives in the Law of Love, and he alone, has the disposition to pray. Whatever he is doing, he is always in prayer. In other words, in the life of a loving man, everything is prayer. A mother says that she has no time left for prayers because of her children. He who cuts trees says that he has no time left to pray because of his job. He who writes says the same. Everybody says that they have no time for prayer, contemplation and meditation. In reality, the prayer comes first, and then all other things follow. First you breathe, and then you work. Otherwise you cannot finish your work. Those who do not pray are not good students. The laziest, the dullest and the least talented students are those who do not pray. Give a theme to a dull student, and he will say, 'Where did this subject come from?' You need to pray when you are in good spirits as well as when you are in conflicting conditions or when there is darkness in your consciousness.

"Man can create seclusion even when among people. Seclusion is not only an external process.
"I will give you one rule: for every man, there is a Divine Wave which lifts him up. When you rise in the morning, do not hurry to immediately go work in the field. Stop, work inwardly, so that this Divine Wave may come, and then you may go and start your work. You could be the most ordinary man, but when the Divine Spirit visits you, you will achieve something beyond yourself.

"If thought, emotion and will do not take part in prayer, it is not a true prayer. To go into your secret chamber means to enter into your virgin soul. Then you will understand the deep meaning of all things and why you are living. The higher the consciousness is, the more discernable
is the prayer. A prayer is more clear when the consciousness is elevated.

"When somebody is in difficulty, I say: pray in order to connect with the Intelligent Beings who can help you. Someone says that he is praying but has received no answer. The reason is that his consciousness is not awakened. The human consciousness is similar to a radio which is emitting and receiving sonic waves from the universe. Scientists say that above the earth there is a belt which deflects the waves and obstructs them from rising. This fact could be used to explain why the prayers of some people cannot go high enough. The more awakened and the more evolved a man's consciousness is, the greater the possibility is for his prayer to be received.

"What is required of man in order for him to connect with the Invisible World? He needs to have his own radio. He has it. When you address your devotional thoughts upwards, you must protect yourself from hostile waves: doubt, disbelief and the lack of Love are waves of unfavorable character which are formed in the astral world. They reflect unfavorably upon the human spirit. The difficulties in the human life result from attacks by these hostile waves. They influence man's prayers and prevent them from ascending. They also stand in the way of good desires.
"Man prays better when he is persecuted. When you are put to great suffering, trials and persecutions, then you pray as you should.

"Until the furnace of the heart is heated, prayer cannot reach God. Man cannot pray in an impure place. You must go to a pure place. Prayers must be transmitted from a pure place. When man is praying, he must be specific in respect to the Invisible World. Otherwise, a prayer is like an application form which does not state what is being asked for. Naturally, in such a case, it is without consequence.

"If I were to pray now, I would ask God for Strength, Knowledge, Wisdom, Love, Truth and Freedom.
"When a man prays, he should ask for the smallest, but at the same time, the most essential thing. A prayer is received when God's Will is taken into consideration. Do the following experiment: concentrate on that which is deep within yourself and say, 'My Lord, I am ready right now to fulfill Thy Will which motivates every living being in the world.' Or say, 'If I have found Blessing in Thee, make me feel Thy Joy in the name of Thy Love, Wisdom and Truth.' Do you know what you will feel? You will feel an excitement such as you have never before experienced. You will feel reborn.

"In a moment, man can transform his face. Turn to God and say, 'My Lord, place me in the Fire of Thy Love.' Or say, 'My Lord, what dost Thou want me to do in order for Thy Kingdom to triumph over the earth and to sanctify Thy Name among mankind?'

"One very important Law states: when you pray for somebody, your prayer gains miraculous power only when it is accompanied by love for him.

"Now, let's concentrate for five minutes and send one good thought to the whole world. The Law states: if you send this thought properly, the work which you will accomplish will be equal to all of the work you have done in your entire life."

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

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02/21/2012 09:07 AM

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Re: You pray, meditate and sing together, but you are not yet aware of the immense possibilities these activities offer for the good of all humanity
This is very much what is needed. Raising frequency, positivity, working through weaknesses and shortcomings, waking up and joining with others, holding, sharing the same positive visions for healing of others, the planet, and even co-creating a eutopia or eden. And for creating more awakeningings and strengthening free and progressive positive minds against all technologies to enslave.

The more positivity we bring to the table, the more Good Family can help us, its interactive.