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HELL - As A State of Mind

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User ID: 11195620
02/21/2012 08:11 AM
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HELL - As A State of Mind
First of all this thread presented for those who believe this place indeed exists. Even though I am not a believer myself and an agnostic at the moment I want to share this idea with you.

After watching the movie 1408 I thought about this even more seriously and now I almost certainly believe it is this :
Hell is not a specially created place for torment but your own mind is hell itself.

Think about it, think of all the things you think disguisting and scares you. Now wait for a moment and imagine all the things you scare to think about and disgusting things pop into your mind without your control, whatever you do you cannot get rid of them, what kind of torment this should be ? There will be no escape from this.
Of course only way to do that will be to kill yourself. But now imagine this happens to your consciousness!
As we fed our consciousness with fear, after we die we may live with our sub consciousness where all the things we fear are there.

Same goes for heaven, it is a higher state of consciousness where you get rid of your sub consciousness and totally can control what you think and do.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 10064246
United States
02/21/2012 08:33 AM
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Re: HELL - As A State of Mind
yes a great man died and right before he did he said heaven and hell is a state of mind. we are all God's. the kingdom of God is within you.
User ID: 11199735
United States
02/21/2012 08:48 AM
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Re: HELL - As A State of Mind
Heaven and hell are happening all around us every day right here on earth. You can look into the eyes of someone who is suffering from addiction, grieving a loss, tormented by desires that can't be satisfied, or experiencing a sense of total meaningless and futility, and you can see that they are existing in a kind of hell.

the mind is truly powerful, I believe it's the source of all creation.

imagine what it would be like after you are dead, and your consciousness is freed from the constraints of material reality. now there are no sunrises and pretty flowers to cheer you up, no friends to hug you and tell you it's okay. if you chose it, there would be nothing to stop you from descending into a hell of your worst nightmares. or on the other hand, there would also be nothing to stop you from ascending into a state of real peace and bliss.

I think happiness or sadness are both simply choices you make. you make it every day that you live and breathe here on earth.

good topic OP thumbs


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