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I think a school district should be aware of this kid!! (Video)

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United States
02/21/2012 04:49 PM
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I think a school district should be aware of this kid!! (Video)
I love kids and i understand that most of their stupid stuff is chalked up to youth. But these videos kind of made me sick. Someone needs to intervene for this 10 year old little brother. Is there anyway to call attention to a youtube video from any kind of CPS agency on a national level that could track this kid down?

Or am I way out of line and this is normal for kids these days?

there is 4 "nutshot" videos of this poor little kid i guess. what really makes me sick is how much he idolizes this kid and will do whatever his older brother tells him.

then it leads to his fascination with automatic firearms... yea that would be my red flag as a father.

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