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Subject WTF is up with all the David Wilcock hatred on here?! All of the reasons seem to amount to baseless accusations or sheer idiocy
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Let's get real folks and actually look at reality with some freaking intelligence. Take a look at some of the comments from the currently pinned thread about David Wilcock (with a video that supposedly "exposes" him):

"David Wilcock is a manipulative bastard"

"For some reason, I cannot even listen to him. His tone, his manner and his self absorption is too much."

"Wilcock is a liar and deciever"

"Wilcock is a fraud"

"Keep your money in your pocket

Wilcock is a false prophet"

"I agree with William Henry

Wilcock needs to be called out"

"anyone who has any education or experience with the material can see through wilcock immediately

It's usually people of low IQ (mostly libtard Obama supporters) that wilcock manipulates for big bucks"

"This guy, "David Wilcock" says some of the stupidest shit I have ever heard, illogical nonsense, nothing more."

"Wilcock turns any subject he touches to shit"

And that's all from only the first page! Has anyone around here ever taken a dang critical thinking class?!? These are all baseless allegations and subjective opinions. I watched the video that the OP posted, and it was absolutely BS. So David Wilcok is a liar and deceiver...because he broke down in tears minutes after apparently receieving death threats, and because he promoted his book. That was all there was to that dipshit video.

Get real people! Use your friggin' brains! What matters here?? INFORMATION. If you've got a problem with his information, then by all means, tell us where SPECIFICALLY he got his facts wrong. Calling him an idiot, liar, deceiver, etc. is essentially 2nd grade name-calling. I'm not a "fan" of David Wilcok. I'm interested in the information that he's putting out there. Anyone who has actually read his latest book knows that it's an incredible resource of highly researched and backed up INFORMATION about all of the things people on here are supposedly interested in. And his free articles on his website are also jam-packed with stuff that has the power to actually change the planet. Free energy. Bringing down the cabal that's controlling the financial world. Exposing the illuminati. Proof of alien visitations.

If David Wilcock is a "fraud" then how about someone actually putting together a rational argument based on facts, for what his supposed nefarious motivations are, rather than simply stating boneheaded 2nd grade opinions off the tops of their heads.
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