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Message Subject My Grandfather was a 32nd Degree Mason...and revealed ALL to me...
Poster Handle JBG
Post Content
I am a 32nd degree mason, and this thread is a joke. The secrets are not who we worship, nor controling the world. Freemasons are the ones who fight for people, and do not promote control. If some one was to worship lucifer they can, but freemasons do not chose, or discriminate who they let in by religion. As long as they will live by morals, honor is huge in freemasonry. You can say what you will, but my guess is your grandfather wasn't a mason. Please I know for a fact. There is more love and less gosip in a lodge then any church I've ever been to. Ignorance is bliss, there are no freemasons in your family. Keep trolling, I know what every single degree is about, and nothing you said is true. I once thought all the crap on the internet was true, and my grandfather is one. I realized my ignorance was making me judge my own grandfather, as a powerfull rich corrupt man. Not true, and I realized by looking at his life and family that there is no evil schemes going on. I've had people tell me that I'm a bad person for being a freemason. Well I haven't worshiped the devil, or Lucifer for that matter. Even so I am not evil, and becoming a freemason has helped me to work on who I am, not manipulate others. The motto to make a good man better. That's absolutely what it's about. A fraternity of brotherly love. All I can say is masons are very different from what I believed them to be. I once had a view like you, and not from a death bed. Your grandfather would've had nothing but good to say about his brothers. I've never met a freemason who was evil, instead they are very loving people who have the best intentions. Not selfish people at all. FACT.
 Quoting: Da JuDg3 7983937

Look, the fact is that if according to OP, it is a SECRET society within a society - then if you ain't part of the club YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO KNOW!!! - or was that just too difficult for you to contemplate?

Why don't you explain to me the innocent explanation for the goats head pentagram tracing out the letters MASON on the great Seal of the US.

Even Albert Pike spells it out in morals and dogma about how the lower masons are never intended to understand and intentionaly decieved.
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