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Message Subject My Grandfather was a 32nd Degree Mason...and revealed ALL to me...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I resent that anyone would imply that every single Freemason is a wonderful shining beam of kind and moral perfection....this is just simply not the case and it's an unfair statement to make. So you mean to tell me that my Father...who was...maybe still is....a 32nd degree Freemason/Shriner ...the man who molested at least 14 girls that we know of...the man who raped, and mentally abused my Mother who did nothing but serve him, the man who stole things, the man who sent me to a childrens home because I refused to agree with every opinion he had...oh I could go on...but you will tell me that this man is a wonderful person?

Well I will be more fair than anyone saying all Freemasons are pillars of perfection in society, and even those saying they are all not...I am sure 100% that there ARE indeed some who are amazing. But to continue my rant...I would never even consider to come on a site like this and imply that because my Father alone was a horrible man..it HAD to be because he was a Freemason. I'm neither that stupid, nor that unfair.
But is it really a coincidence that every last female that I know who has a Freemason close to them...was molested by that freemason?! Yes...I said EVERY... I am not referring to friends of my Father. I never could figure out why my Dad would join any sort of social club (call it what you want)...he was NOT a social man. I do not mean that lightly...in the 16 years I was ALLOWED to live at home...not a single "friend" or "brother" ever came to visit my Dad....nor did he go out or to anyone's home. Yes, one of the freemasons I currently speak of was from the same lodge as my Father but my best friends Grandfather didn't know my dad anymore than any of you here know me. I recall this man would grab my behind (not just me...ALL little and big girls a like) when hugging me (even if it had happened just once....it's NOT a natural place your hands would fall when a tall man is hugging a little girl) but it didn't just happen once...I had to stop going to her house because you never knew when perv man would show up, and lucky me because it turns out that other little girls got a whole lot more than a rear end grab from him...I didn't have a clue the man was a Freemason until I was much older. I began to wonder what was going on....this was now the 3rd freemason I knew who molested the little girls in his life.

Fast forward to now...I now know 18 other women who had a Freemason Father. EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM WAS MOLESTED BY HIM! I'm not even including the numbers of people who told me that they knew a person who was...only those who experienced this first hand.

Again...I'm not going to blame every last Freemason. To me that is the same thing as me saying all people of a race or religion are bad because I seem to be having great trouble with members of that race/religion. I believe that if people who hate for these reasons actually sat and thought about it...they have probably been treated badly by most of "their own type" ...ill treatment by "others" seem to be the only thing people attach a number to, and I repeat that I am neither stupid, nor unfair... But I do have to admit...I'm creeped out by anyone trying to say that every single person of a certain type...be it a race, religion, Frat...whatever...is ALL good and pink, perfect, rainbows of peace and goodness, or whatever it is you are trying to make us believe. You are only trying to feed us some superiority line of junk.

Never have I posted this, or went out of my way to say anything I am saying to strangers....I have just quietly researched this matter on my own. There are enough people spreading hate and so I devote what I personally spread to peace and love...but ater reading something so ignorant as all Freemasons being some kind of beacon of perfect morality...I AM going to call out anyone saying these things.

Not that this is too important but you may have noticed that I implied I didn't know if my dad was still a freemason or not...active member anyway.... when my mother passed away he remarried and forgot his first family. Obviously that was a blessing...but it can be a bit hurtful when someone who is the poster child for evil leaves you lol. You can't help but wonder how someone like THAT would refuse you LOL...sighhh...I am sorry..I don't get angry easily and I am sure that you...I don't recall the name of "The masons are all wonderful people)poster....but plz stop trying to say that! Forget that it's insulting to people who have suffered at the hands of a Freemason....just realize it is simply NOT the truth. I don't doubt the possibility that you yourself are a wonderful person...but be an honest one if you will please.
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