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Message Subject My Grandfather was a 32nd Degree Mason...and revealed ALL to me...
Poster Handle Sungaze_At_Dawn
Post Content
my grandfather thought the earth has existed through 5 earth cycles, and that ancient man has risen and fallen 5 times, and has achieved space/cosmos travel multiple times, and the earth has cleanses itself numerous times, and cavemen were just the first out the hole after armageddon, each time. he believed that all that is to be learned, has already been taught, and that ALL knowledge is handed down, and not learnt.

This part that you wrote, I agree with and remember a very past cycle, before the annanuki toppled the equality, in fact mars went down during that struggle of the various factions.

The super soldiers today resemble what was done then and the factions or splinters.

But the other stuff he believed was not higher knowledge at all.

Lucifer is coded alright, but based off real entities nonetheless, whether they were such or now cop that name, you don't go anywhere by giving allegiance to an entity.

So you avoid traps like that like the plague.

Christianity on the other hand is also coded, what is under the hood is the way back home. However Jesus in the outer as the person, also showed the way back home in how to deal with this material world, by seeing through it and helping others.

So walking away from that, is not really what they do. Its just that they don't awaken via Love and on a good frequency. They're like dark magicians, awakening their pineals and thalamus on low frequencies, of domination, slavery and murder and so they get guided by bad entities.

The scriptures have an outer wrapper for inner directions. That involve meditation, having faith in Goodness, and overcoming ego and material, and beast/or body suit impulses.

Its the Tao.
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