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Message Subject BREAKING: Possible Bio Attack. Letters Containing Pathogens Sent to Senators & Media
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Seriously folks,
Anytime you hear that there is a visible and tangible powder substance in an envelope it's almost always going to be fake.

The only time I would say it could be real is with the slim chance of some disgruntled pig or cow farmer that buried an anthrax pig years ago went back and dug it up to harvest the anthrax and might be loosing his farm to the banks.

Other than that there are too many invisible and intangible things to treat a piece of paper with that could do much more harm, but even then some secretary is going to handle it first and rarely not the elitist politician that it was intended for.

Jewelry, tie tacks, a box of roses would be a better means of transferring some pathogen to an intended victim.
Politicians and other conceited people just love those nice engraved metal and wooden engraved "humanitarian" plaques they can hang on their walls, but powder in an envelope?
Not to imaginative or efficient really. False flag.
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