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Message Subject Masonic Lodge stripper act . and other hidden recordings. (videos)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I understand that tons of familys were and or are involved in this secret society....I simply do not think they understand fully what others see them as..

Secret society or not it is just weird at this point. You people are weird and no explanation will suffice any longer. If you want to help children, such as the shiners then go through pedophilia and background checks first please. The satan crap is crap so grow up. Stay away from the children please all together, it is getting totally creepy.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 11297800

Shriners? You may want to look them up, as well. All these brainwashed groups are ALL connected.

Look up Brice Taylor and her personal experience with this "wonderful group" (the Shriners) who want to "help children."
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 3910757

These are quotes from Brice Taylor's book "Thanks for the Memories":

"I remembered my father and our Shriner neighbor, Jack Rice, taking me to a meeting where a
group of men, all wearing red Shriner hats, sat at tables. My father was given a Shriner hat and acted like
he felt uncomfortable wearing it. I was patriotically wearing a navy blue v-neck dress with a large white
sailor collar. Mr. Rice sat on one side of me and my father on the other. They ate dinner but I just sat at
my place in a daze and didn't eat anything. One of the Shriner's stood at his table and clinking his glass
to get everyone's attention, he announced, "We have a little member here tonight to entertain and delight
you. Please welcome her with a round of applause."

"I walked up onto the stage and began dancing to The National Anthem. "Oh say can you see, by
the dawn's early light," the words played as I danced and slowly began taking off first my dress, then my
shoes, pantaloons, nylons, bra, and panties until I stood dressed only in a tiny tasseled white satin gstring.
Why I didn't strip all the way I don't know. All the men cheered and after I was through Mr. Rice
stood at the bottom of the stage stairs to take me backstage to dress. He held out his arm and I took it. I
felt like I was blind and couldn't see to find my way so he led me as he recited the program he had
continually taught me to memorize, "There was a man who had no eyes and he went out to view the
skies, he saw a tree with apples on it, he picked no apples off but left no apples on it." It was a "blind"
program and I was told I couldn't see while I was there. Mr. Rice led me to a back room. It wasn't like a
dressing room, just a side room. He gave me some kind of red robe to wear, "They'll bring your clothes
on into us in awhile, we'll just wait." Other nights at different Shriner places, there were satanic rituals
where I was raped on an altar in front of the group of robed men. There were many other Shriner
meetings; lots of them disguised "under the big top," at Shriner circuses. Circuses were a place of trauma
over the years and I usually ended up getting hurt."

"Mr. Rice was my date at other evening affairs with the Shriners, some where I was even the "altar
girl" but it wasn't like a sacred ceremony at the Catholic Church, instead, I was taken to satanic rituals.
They were really bad rituals where I was raped on an altar in front of lots of Shriners late at night, in dark
outside places and they hurt and tortured me in the name of what they called, "the holy one."
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