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Message Subject BULLIES
Poster Handle Nostalgic Rain
Post Content
Maybe thats what our schools need right now is more bullies.

Teach the kids to stand up for themselves now or when they are older they will fall for anything.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 554016

I think you are confusing personal confidence with bullying others. A confident person does not bully others, simple.

The problem we have with society it that the numbers of bullies vs average non bullying people is out of balance. The more bullies there are in society, the more unpleasant and less civilized the society becomes.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1175610

If you don't learn respect in your home, respect for your Mother and Father, why the heck does anyone think Kids are going to respect their *Peer Group*

Bullies have always existed, and they use to be resolved by one Kid saying meet me after school and I will beat the tar out of you...

Kids don't know how to stand up for themselves, because they are over-medicated with something for ADDH or take Prozac or Ritalin, or have no self-esteem they want to kill themselves or kids in there class with grandpa's gun so of course you need Big Brother, Government Intervention t create a *Anti-Bully Bill*

Insanity today!
 Quoting: christian

Funny how you mention mental illness, I have seen all the bullies in my town get excused because they are "bi-polar" or "ADHD".
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