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Message Subject New World Order has blocked me from posting Illuminati videos on Social Networke site
Poster Handle irasciblerascal
Post Content
[link to www.youtube.com] bump
(Footage showing whats happened)

I Had been doing some research about the Illuminati and it's cult background. I then posted these videos on Facebook and it wouldn't allow anybody else to view them. I then show you both Facebook accounts simultaneously and refresh both accounts on multiple occasions to show you that they have definitely been removed from other users to browse.

This has never happened to me before and now i simply can't post anything on my wall or do anything active but browse..... suspicious???

Has anyone came across this case before, if so please leave a message for me on the youtube channel (I check this more regular)

I give all permision for you to re-distribute.
 Quoting: GaryJones

my friend, Marke Whiteley aka Mukunda dasa had hundreds of anti-Illuminati videos on youtube for YEAR UNTIL THREE WEEKS AGO. His vids had MILLIONS OF HITS because they showed how the Illuminati was infiltrating and destroying the Hare Krishna Movement. His youtube account was hacked andis STILL DOWN. The same thing happened few years back, but he got it back up. But this time seems different. It's upsetting to me persoally because he had several of my videos posted since 2005. BUMMER now that i see your thread; am thinking it's tptb NWO ATTACK
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