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Subject Oh How I Love The Illuminati!!!
Poster Handle NineThree
Post Content
I won't answer your questions, but I will say most of you have the wrong idea about the Illuminati.

You are afraid of what you don't understand, so we are turned into the unknown enemy. When in fact we've been designing reality from the beginning.

The only new part is you finally learning about us. We are responsible for every good, bad, happy, strange, amazing, and chaotic moment that's ever happened in this world.

I am posting this for those that monitor here, and would like my people to know how proud I am to be one of them.

I've been with them for well over 20 years since age 14. Everything I am is because of the training, ideas, and philosophy.

Go Team... Go Team... Go.

Eternally grateful,
NineThree Of The Illuminati
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