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Message Subject The End Times Signs
Poster Handle SoulwalkerNZ
Post Content
There seems to be no empathy in the factor time in relation to natural causes.
For millions of years species died out, lived up, arose at the mercy of time, nature, ice ages, vulcanic activity, meteorites, deceases and such.

As if this isn't enough we surplus to the risks to all kinds of live.

There is no honest evidence or whatsoever that makes the tale of the end of times more than a man made story to explain thunder and lightning.

Get real and make the best of us.

Kind regards,
 Quoting: Vince 2139240

One problem with your theory. The Bible says the Kingdom of God will come, and I am starting it up now. Why? because the soul of Jesus has been reborn to earth in 2004 and this is a part of Gods plan.

In the chosen, God finds love.
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