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The World On It's Knees

Voice Of Raphael
User ID: 6448328
02/28/2012 01:00 AM
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The World On It's Knees
The world is run by a small group of people who own and control everything. They own and control all the oil companies, all conglomerates of companies, all mass media outlets and all governments.
They manipulate the societies of the world into ways of thinking through subliminal and very obvious gestures. Time and time again they have committed horrible crimes against the people and time and time again they have portrayed it the way they want.
9/11 Is one of the biggest most brazen attacks on the people of all society. They seen that the people were turning away from their programming, thinking about things that would cripple their secret empires. Also they need oil. They control oil, they control transportation, they control all electricity, they control all plastics, these are things that are every where, our whole society depends on these things. But they know this could be different they know this could be a world free of all fossil fuel burning, free of money, free of pollution, free of poverty, free of fathom. free of war. but if that happened they would lose it all.
So they orchestrate a brutal attack on the people. They really want to create fear in the people they really want to create another enemy for us all to focus on. they create terrorists. They have an enemy in Afghanistan who will not let them take the oil, so they create a war there to go in and forcibly take it, and all the while convincing the people that they are the good guys.
They have killed millions and they have lied to billions more. They are our masters and we are their slaves. It must be stopped.

They have been covering up the reality of life, reincarnation, the existence of Intelligent life from other star systems and the creation of the human race.
They started christianity 2000 years ago as a means to control the people. It was a mixture of lies and truths about the reality of life.
They know about the beings who created us all, as they themselves were created millions of years ago by others.
They have knowledge of technology the world would need to save humanity and the planet. They choose to suppress and discredit for profit.
They know of the existence of the "soul" which lives hundreds of lives over.
They manipulate the whole population in to not believing in such things and making them sound crazy to discredit the whole idea.
They are in total awareness of the global warming crisis and are in fact purposely causing as much pollution as possible.
They know the game is over soon and they will destroy the world before giving it up.
They will perpetrate terrorist acts around the world.
They will use these attacks as the excuse to go to war with Iran.
The Arabic countries along with China, North Korea and Russia will aid them.
They will have started World War 3.
They will have killed roughly half the entire population of the planet.
They will be stopped by the beings that created us.
A new dawn of the human race will have started, part now of an intergalactic society that spans millions upon millions of star systems.
We will be able to traverse through them all quickly and easily using ships.
Earth will be transformed into a resourced based economy. Every thing will be given to you, there will be no money, there will be little work.
The planet will heal itself and the human race will have no famine, no poverty and no war.