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Message Subject The Bible as Astrology
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Two magi? maybe.... :)

In archetypal astrology the 4th house is the house of the mother (astrological sign of Cancer) the beginning of which also marks the place where the Sun "stands still" at the summer solstice.

The time of the summer solstice marks the day with the greatest amount of light in the northern hemisphere. The date for the summer solstice, at the time of Christ, was June 25th.

The astrological sign that the Sun leaves to enter the 4th house is Gemini (The Twins).

The astronomical/astrological "code" shows the Christ (the Son/Sun) with his mother (in the 4th house - the ancient astrological house of The Great Mother - The astrological sign of Cancer - the house of the "psychological base" in contemporary astrology) as the Magi (approaching "from the East") found the Christ (Sun / Son) and is a perfect symbolic "picture" of the Sun between the signs of Gemini (the twins) and the sign of Cancer (the Mother) which occurs precisely at the time of the summer solstice when the Sun "stands still".

The symbolism fits - suggesting that the Magi were two in number (the Twins/Gemini). ( Not that the Magi were actually "twins" but that they were two of the "same thing" ). Could the Magi have "located" the Christ child (revealed the location) at the time of the summer solstice in 5 BC, and that the Magi (like the solstices) were (are) two in number?
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