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Subject Gulf of Mexico Blue Plague Roundtable
Poster Handle Oiled In Florida
Post Content
For those of us living along the Gulf of Mexico, our lives have become worse, not better, since April 2010. The deep ocean of oil in the Gulf has not disappeared. The spraying in the water and in the skies has never ceased. The Dolphins, fish and birds are still dying at amazing rates. The tar balls have become large tar mats. Those are the present day facts.

The toll on our well being runs rampant from a human miscarriage rate that's off the charts to synthetically created biological nano-materials erupting from our skin. We're the guinea pigs of an oil remediation experiment that's out of control and that is destroying the entire Gulf biosphere... and beyond.

Listen to what has really been happening this Sunday March 4 at 7pm ET / 6pm CT as Gulf residents call in and tell you in their own words the nightmare that keeps getting worse here along the Gulf.

[link to www.blogtalkradio.com]

[link to www.facebook.com]
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