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Message Subject Welcome to the beginning of the end
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
OP any updates?
 Quoting: Baldrick

Yes, things aren't going well for me right now, though with the last post of mine here things are set in motion now and are unstoppable... With that code all of the files now uploaded and secure can be decrypted and published within a moments notice.

I am being followed now by a vehicle with New Jersey tags, and for the record (I know who you are and what you are planning) so, what are you waiting for.. You know where I am, make your move.

I did hear news today that in a lab on the west coast a worker was killed by exposure to an extremely lethal contagion, and DIED from it, they are frantically trying to work on a vaccine, what you'll find in the MSM on this (Google) isn't entirely accurate.

Their vaccines are going to fail.

So far there is a new degree of uncertainty as for the timeline and I can't be much more specific other than to say that we could be talking weeks now, not months.

I am going on vacation, soon, planning to gather my family and get away for a while... If that tells you anything.

I'll be back with more, if I am able and when necessary.

Stay tuned.
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