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Message Subject Welcome to the beginning of the end
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
That's why I refrain from asking questions because I know you don't want to engage them. In my experience, role players LOVE the questions, otherwise, where's their fun? One of the reasons I actually pay attention to you...

 Quoting: littlemiracles

Well, I have changed my posting strategy a bit, and will answer what I can.. Not role playing, just accepting the responsibility of what I post here.

I believe that if we can postpone military strikes on Iran (top priority). Then by the end of December, we will have a damned good chance at avoiding the worst outcome here...

If strikes happen sooner than that (this group intends to ramp up the provocations) then all bets are off, and we're going to go down hill rapidly.

If that happens I will be here to post everything quickly... It wont make a lot of difference, but could help some of you make good decisions in the final hours..

If this can be postponed beyond March of next year, we will have made it into the clear, and I am sure in that case we will have eliminated the threat.

Either way, I will post my whole story in December...
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