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Message Subject Welcome to the beginning of the end
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It is hard to imagine that right now so much is hanging on Iran getting nukes and Israel stopping them. Do they have one? When will they get one? Will Israel stike them? When will they do it? This is one of those really, really bad scenarios where there is NO good answer and NO good course of action. It is almost like the world has painted itself into a corner and the paint is just not going to dry at all.

People that do not believe in God either just ignore this situation or blow it off with the dream that it will all just get better by magic somehow, after all it's not like we humans ever had a world war or anything before, right?

People that believe in God are concerned, if not afraid, because they realise that this scenario was talked about and warned against and even with all of the knowledge and techno-crap we posess, we are somehow being drawn right into it nonetheless.

No one is going to tell any of your, "Hey tomorrow, at 7:45 am in Cleveland, it is all going to start". It's already started, question is when will it get really bad, and only time will answer that question.
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