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Message Subject Welcome to the beginning of the end
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
this thread is quite confusing for those of us that haven't followed it religiously for 48 odd pages lol..

so, if I've read this right...

Iran wants an attack by the west/Isreal before December so it can fulfill a prophecy and will then respond with either Keshe based technology or terrorist cells in the west (bets on Londonistan here).

The alternative is attacking Iran in 2013 in which case it's just an attack with no prophecy stuff included ?

Is that just about right or have I missed something ?
 Quoting: Siward

You in the neighborhood.
A religious sect from but not tied to Iran has been sleeping inside the country for years. They are bent on revenge for a US take down of a commercial airliner that cost the lives of friends and families. When Iran is struck, they see it as a religious sign that signals them to unleash holy hell in this country. When the bio attacks start, the entire country will be on lock down. You will be where you are. This group answers to no one or no country. They act independent of the current control system.
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