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Message Subject Welcome to the beginning of the end
Poster Handle Eggifer
Post Content
What part of the US will be the safest place to be when all this happens? I've been planning to move anyway. Might was well pick a safe place!
 Quoting: Eggifer

IF we're attacked this way, any place that is away from densely populated urban areas would be "safe".

You don't have to move away, remember, I could be wrong..

We're going in circles here in this thread now, which is why it is becoming redundant now.

In this thread are posts that cover much of this, and will tell you what signs to watch for.... NONE of this is certain.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 14813955

You are the one going around in circles, sir or madam, what with your non-answers.

I asked whether there will be a part of the US that would be safer than others. I know you said stay out of urban areas in earlier posts. That is not the same issue. I said I have been planning a move despite your "warnings" and wanted to know if one part of the country would be any less affected than another, because it might influence my choice of where to go. I would imagine that some parts of the US will be safer than others. Why would urban areas be worse than rural if it's a biological attack? It will spread there just as easily and the zombies will find their way to Junior's Farm.

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