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Message Subject Welcome to the beginning of the end
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Talking about the beginning of the end, there are many things that are happening in concurrence to bring about the end.

It is like creating a stew with each ingredient adding to the next.

Trying to connect the dots and have some sort of timeline there are these threads that seem interesting:

Remote Viewing (Maj. Ed Dames)

Thread: Maj. Ed Dames: "Updated KILL-SHOT Sequence" --- Japan & Fukushima, North Korean "Nuke Test", X-37B, PROTON Showers

Potential for North Korea and Nuclear Detonation

Thread: NORTH KOREA says it will fire on SOUTH KOREA without warning....Update confirms- LEAFLET drop is still GOING AHEAD!

The X37B could be forced down due to a meteor shower.

This thread regarding IRAN/ISRAEL, Terrorist cells and Biological threats to USA.

Sun Doom from Kill-Shot

Seems things could get very interesting in 2013
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