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Message Subject Welcome to the beginning of the end
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Glad to "see" you...

I was just thinking if there was anything new,
seems everyone is getting distracted with this huge storm,
and rightfully so, it looks scary for the E. Coast...

There's a thread on here, think it's one of the top ones..
about how they planned on using Stevens for hostage switching, but, things went wrong.... any opinions?

"That time is rapidly approaching.."

Are things escalating? ... Still think January or later?

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 15378638

The problem with the agendas of appeasement, apologies and tolerance is that when this administration went down that path, it was exploited to the fullest...

The deeper in they got, the more impossible it was to reverse course.. Remember in the opening post.. "A turning point has passed from which there is now no turn that can alter course."

The Muslim Brotherhood has power and influence and control over nations and people now that would not have been possible otherwise.

Still January or later?

Yes, and hopefully never, I cannot give up on hope that somehow this course can be altered, and that the worst can be stopped or prevented..

The cells are waiting, prepared and praying.

We'll see...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 19736049

I have finished part 4 of the 10 part Gaffney series and it is all very disconcerting but all too believable as well. The appeasment approach fails in ALL places it is used everytime, it is a recipe for disaster.
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