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Message Subject Welcome to the beginning of the end
Poster Handle * Lucky Star *
Post Content
Well I personally have NO doubt that the HAARP system coupled with Aluminum oxide and Barium oxixe sprayed at high altitude to allow the RF waves to be bounced to target areas "steers" the weather systems not creates them.

However, on the infiltration subject, which is why we are here, THIS was the problem that developed as our nation become one where EVERYTHING could be purchased at the right price and consequently WAS. I KNOW what THEY are, I KNOW what their plan is and how they will pull it off, and I KNOW they have enough cash to buy enough sellout politican scum to be UNSTOPPABLE. Because it is TIME for this to happen. I am one who believes in fate, and the fate of sellout is DOOM!

There are SO many distractions to their plan, and so many who remain PC, and so many that lack to courage to stand up to them that I just, for the life of me can see NO alternate ending.
 Quoting: Black Knight

We talked about the shit storm brewing pages back, remember?

I don't know about weather modification, and steering storms, so I will admit that anything is possible in that regard. Obama's Katrina? Will he be a hero? Romney to the rescue?

The rest of your post, all I can do is applaud you, and appreciate your passion and convictions.

Keep the faith my friend...

This could be a good test for east coast survivalists, and especially those who have tested their planned escape routes.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 7847649

I agree, I am here on the east coast, winds just really picked up. I am thinking of this as a preparedness test.
We had some practice last year too with power outages.
Thanks for all of the information shared on this thread.
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