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Message Subject Welcome to the beginning of the end
Poster Handle Marisol
Post Content
There has been some changes, and as of right now I can't elaborate more.

I have had problems with a corrupted system and hacking, and I have received a few threats.

For now, nothing has changed as far as the timeline and the potential threats against all of us.

Stay tuned, as the things heat up in the Middle East (especially between Iran, and Israel) the final warnings will be posted here and all over the internet...

From there it is all up to you, and what you do with it, whether you want to survive or not, and where you happen to be (geographically)

I'm just a messenger, not a psychic, or wannabe prophet, I don't believe in any of that.. For what it is worth.

Next time here will be my last.

Till then... prepare! or NOT, it's up to you.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10976438

By "prepare" you are implying what or how exactly? To stock up with
1. Medicine
2. Food & Water
3. Special accessories (I.e., gas masks, duck tape, rubber gloves)
4. A change in geographical location
5. Isolation (to keep away from crowds or people in general)
6. Psychological (to expect severe injuries or severe health symptoms)
7. Emotional ( to deal with unexpected turn of events)

Please be more specific.

Is this related to:

1. An earth change?
2. A change in gov't?
3. Paranormal anomaly?
4. Collective awakening?

I am interested in what you have to say but, if it is as serious as you indicate - you need to provide more data to convince others. There have been too many lies, too many stories or theories; most here are doom-weary.

 Quoting: Marisol

True! ... I believe the thread is leaning towards a bio attack of some kind....

Your country is listed as Puerto Rico, how is it there?...
...economically & living wise? ... I rarely hear anything about Puerto Rico! ... Is it doing good?

Thanks! hf
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26636255

In Puerto Rico we're a mix between the cosmopolitan with the overly populated areas of 4 major cities: San Juan, Hato Rey, Caguas and Bayamon in the north east. Ponce City is in the south and Mayaguez in the western side of the island. These are the main cities vs. the underdeveloped rural cities which remain.

At the moment the Puerto Rican economy is stalled, jobs are scarce for a populace of highly educated people. There is constant political fighting (lots of chatter from 3 major parties but, no real change) and, the crime rate is skyrocketing in a way that rivals the largest US cities of New York, Chicago and Los Angeles in terms of drug related crimes and murders. It's really a very sad situation for such a beautiful place with so much potential. Culturally it has become a miniaturized version of the USA; the current generations have lost their identity as people of the Caribbean being neither truly Americans or truly Caribbeans.

Most of us live in gated communities with no real guarantee of safety; we deal with high food prices and unreliable water and electrical power, a deficient education system and very expensive, very limited medical services. Generally most of us try to make it home by 10 pm and keep our social circle limited to a small tightly knit group of people. Like most large cities living is equivalent to surviving. Every day brings a new challenge.

I love this island but, it kills me to see what is happening to it.

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