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Message Subject Welcome to the beginning of the end
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There have been a number of times when life grabbed me by the throat and beat the crap out of me. When all started to get dark inside me, I remembered, "Hey Walt, buck up, you were trained to deal with global thermonuclear war, this is bullshit, deal with it"! Bingo, back on top!

Yes I feel sorry for the American civilians that have been trained to thoughtlessly consume and entertain themselves, it will be hard on them. The possibility of this type of SHTF has been on the table for many decades now and many of us have had to deal with that possibility over our lifetimes.

As OP says, Hope it does not happen, but really, seriously, how can it NOT? As they say, prepare ye the way of the Lord. Best advice I can give. We have all been betrayed. ZDeal with it.[/b]
 Quoting: Black Knight

That was the only way to defeat us. From the inside.
 Quoting: AC 5341

And the wisest way as well. It is far cheaper than tanks, planes and bombs, easy to do since you are dealing with the scum of the earth (lawyers), and it reduces your casualties to ZERO!
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