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Message Subject Welcome to the beginning of the end
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hello gomez and BK

While you guys are flipping them off, I would hail down some lead in their direction to give you guys a chance to get away. (If you lived in my neck of the woods!)

That's how we west virginians git-r-done! rofl!
Then we would get our sons to pose by the bodies as we take some serious family photos! lol

God Bless
 Quoting: odinson222

Why thanks Wil we would appreciate than, fire and movement just like in the old manual. As long as we don't unrinate on the bodies afterward, because as my old classmate Stan McChrystal once told the clown in the WH, "For every innocent victim we kill, (or atrocity we commit), we create (10) additional enemy combatants. Just dispatch them quickly, place them in neat rows, and cover their eyes with coins for their buddies to find later. Oh yes, and a quick prayer in which we ask God to forgive them for they know not what they do.
 Quoting: Black Knight

Wish you guys were in Bama, we could use a few good hands down here !
 Quoting: AC 5341

Yes Gomez, part of the divide and conquer plan is to scatter the resistance so we are spread out in small groups that are more easily harvested. Look at the response teams sent to shooting sites - surround the place with armoured vehicles and personnel, eat donuts, wait till everyone is dead, go in and body-bag the corpses. No risk, no casualties, the hallmark of the true coward.

Frankly, I see sitting in my own home waiting for them to attack me because of what I believe as an honorable way to die - fighting for what I believe in. Of course they will kill me, they may even rape me as I lie dying, after all, they are the devil's scum!

We may or may not be able to choose the way we live, but damnit, we can choose the way we die! Remember, no one here gets out alive.
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