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Subject Panetta : the capabilities are available in cyber warfare to virtually cripple this nation
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has a lot of problems looming over him these days.

A war in Afghanistan, Iran's nuclear aspirations, the "meat ax" of possible additional $500 billion in cuts to his budget, to name a few. Panetta does not seem like a man who would sleep easily at night. But it's not even that daunting list that keeps him up at night, he said this week.

"The one thing that I worry about the most right now is knowing that [a cyberattack] is possible, and feeling that we have not taken the necessary steps to protect this country from that possibility," Panetta said at the University of Louisiana Thursday March 1st."I think the capabilities are available in cyber [warfare] to virtually cripple this nation. To bring down our power grid system. To impact our governmental systems. To impact on Wall Street, our financial systems. And literally paralyze this country," Panetta cautioned.
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