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Anonymous Coward
User ID: 5615806
United States
03/04/2012 01:11 PM
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We see that the law is good and perfect. We see that a man who keeps the law is good and perfect. We see the penalty for those who cannot keep the law. We see scripture conclude that all men are lawless (As all have sinned). Now if all men commit sin (lawless), then how can the law make a man perfect? It is clear that the law was given and that no man could uphold it (except one, and that is Christ). For any man who keeps the whole law and stumbles in one point is guilty of all. So I conclude that we are guilty of all. All of us are lawless by our very nature. All of us stink to high heaven. We are all turds (so to speak).

So then who is a legalist?

I think legalists tend to think you can polish a turd and give that to God and it will be pleasing in his sight.

I think a legalist is one who goes into his lab and looks at the ingredients required to make Gold and, after failing to make gold himself, come out and says; "Now You Go Make Gold, As I Have!". A turd saying to another turd; "you go be gold". While they themselves remain a turd.

I think a legalist is one who thinks they are able to find the right combination of chemicals in their lab and then pray to themselves; "I thank thee God that I am not like other turds..."

I think a legalist presumes that some self styled, so-called lab exercise in 'morality' and 'personal religious effort' is going to transform himself into gold.

I think legalism exalts the self... Hangs its hat on the coat rack that a man can somehow please God by his own works of righteousness and completely overlooks what is written in the recipe book; that ALL men are equal. NONE are pleasing to God. Not one stinking man. We all smell like crap. We are all turds.

I think a legalist is an alchemist. He has gone to great lengths to cover a turd with a thin veneer of Gold and comes out of his lab and yet people everywhere can still smell his stench.

So some men wonder why others preach about grace and mercy and freedom and liberty. I suspect it is because those others have figured out they are not alchemists. No matter how much time they spend in the lab, they are still a turd.

So they have come to God with nothing but themselves as plead with God saying; "God, I cannot make this turd into Gold! no matter how hard I try".

God says; "I know you can't. I have set things up that way. So that my Son may be most glorified and so that your Glory may be in my Son alone. Here, take my Son as a gift. He is Gold and he will take from you the turd and make you Gold and you will glorify both Him and His Father. Now that you have taken this Gold, you go and keep this gold clean and do not roll around in the crap anymore. And if you do you will surely be stinky again, though you have been given gold which does not perish."

And that man says; "Thank you God!!! and he goes away and says to his friends; "I could not get rid of this stench. I could not make gold. But God makes Gold and is giving it away in his grace and mercy. So that men might glory in Him and His Son. It is over there, at the cross of Christ! Go get it!!!"

And his friends say; "What chemicals must I bring with me to make this gold?"

And He says; "Tell God that you realize you cannot make Gold on your own, no matter how many hours you spend in the lab. Tell God that you are weary of smelling like a turd and that you do not want to stink anymore. Tell God that you do not desire to roll around in crap anymore and ask Him to help you steer clear from the crap. Tell God that you can see that Christ is Gold and that he came and performed his perfect lab work to share his Gold with others and it is free to whomever will come and take it."

Now surely there are those who do not see themselves as turds. Scripture tells us we will all walk through the fires and be manifest what we are made of.

I say, lets all go get some gold and be rich and stop trying to make it on our own.

This is my humble view... from one turd to another...

Thanks again for sharing your views and for reading mine.

God Bless.

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 10393879
United States
03/04/2012 01:24 PM
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I polish my Turds and give them to Pizzuzu, he eats them monster
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 6669575
United States
03/04/2012 01:28 PM
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