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Message Subject US Intel: Israel Will Strike Iran. Illuminati's Kabbalah Holiday of Purim March 7 - 8: Day of Vengeance on Persia
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The story of Purim is false. It is nothing more than a novella of the time.

There was no Queen Vashti and there was no Esther. The exact name of the Persian ruler is not identified. Much like the story of the Exodus the typical Jewish chutzpah later made the mystery Persian ruler the most well known of history. In the novella of Esther the Jewish text claimed the Persian ruler was Xerxes. A complete falsehood as nothing like the story of Esther happened during the time of Xerxes or during his family's dynasty. In the Jewish story of the Exodus the Pharaoh is not named. Here again Jewish story telling comes into play and Ramses the Great is named as the Pharaoh of the Exodus even though this is impossible. The famous white queen statue has been claimed to be the Egyptian princess who saved Moses. This again is impossible but the jewish people are very good at building up false reputation. The White Queen is the daughter of Ramses the Great and his wife Nefertari. She would have been far too young to be the princess in the story of Exodus.

The fact that these are false stories and that modern day people would attack a nation on the basis of Purim is just ridiculous. It is not just the jewish people that would celebrate the process but some of their Christian fools as well.
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