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Message Subject US Intel: Israel Will Strike Iran. Illuminati's Kabbalah Holiday of Purim March 7 - 8: Day of Vengeance on Persia
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
19:28 into the video

 Quoting: DoorBert

Doorbert, another great video clip. Thank you.

I have been watching Bibi very closely under this administration, compared to the previous.

His speech in 2010 at the United Nations was heart-breaking.

I still haven't seen where the votes have been cast this past UN session on whether(gee, was it Lebanon, Iran, Turkey? I forget) should be made a member of the UN.

How long do these countries have to vote after a session ends?

It's been several months already.

Anyway, it is clear to me that Bibi has NEVER trusted Obama and simply tolerated him.

His previous speeches to date had more of a sense of plea and irritating patience than this one.

In this clip he seems renewed and resolved that HE is going to have to go it alone.

He comes across so much stronger. I think he's fed up of being played. He knows the truth and the truth is Iran is probably already capable of destroying Israel.

And lest anyone forget, his entire family was wiped out in the Holocaust and he remembers it well. He's not going to let it happen to his entire country.

I wish WE had a strong leader like Bibi. I respect him tremendously for doing right by his people- unlike our leader who is trying to and pretty much has destroyed us.

God ordered those people to that land and what they have endured since that time is incredible.

I know the way most Americans are acting, we couldn't have handled the Exodus, much less the Holocaust or the existing threat of entire extinction.

They will NOT let it happen again.

Iran, Syria, and the rest against Israel might as well declare war on God.

And who do you think would win THAT one?

In war, Israel has always astounded others by winning when every odd was against them and they will do so again.

How so many on this board can't understand that Israel is NOT the enemy is beyond me.

God bless Bibi and Israel during this current conflict.

 Quoting: Miggy

Netanyahu guy is a blood-soaked satan-worshiper, and the miscreant state of Israel will be destroyed by the same Zionists who set it up.

If you are a Christian, as you claim to be -- where is your discernment? These people are anti-Christ. Pray that they come to know God as their father and Jesus as their Messiah, but otherwise steer clear of them.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6280761

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