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Message Subject No Alien Invasion, No UFO False Flag EITHER: The Anunnaki Have Returned to Save Mankind From the New World Order!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If the Anunnaki or any other alien race card about changing the earth they could probably have done already. They have been with us all along, and it's been a bloody time. From the first recorded encounters 5 thousand years ago there's been nothing but war, greed, slavery, and every horrible aspect of tyranical governments. So now they are going to save our butts? They caused warfare in the first place. Read the Iliad by homer, they love bloodshed. Earthlings were created as a slave race, according to the Sumerians, and when they were no longer needed the Anunnaki were going to let them perish in the flood. Enki alone saved a few to repopulate the world. So unless you have some real evidence, why don't you read Sitchin and all the other ancient stories, like the Mahabarata of the Hindus. You'll find plenty of war there, including nuclear.
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