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Message Subject No Alien Invasion, No UFO False Flag EITHER: The Anunnaki Have Returned to Save Mankind From the New World Order!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
They need to get on with it, because it's getting lame just hearing about it.
Same ol stuff, "this year", "within a few weeks", I've heard it all too many times.

If they are real, tell them to take over ALL communications on the planet and broadcast their message. Or it isn't real.
 Quoting: GeekOfTheWeek

The Anunnaki are anti-NWO, i.e. anti-elite, i.e. anti-Illuminati; these ancient aliens are here to to oust the evil regime made up of the 13 Luciferian bloodlines. Under orders of EN.LIL (known by the Hebrews as YHVH), Lord of the Command on Earth and heir apparent king-to-be of Nibiru, deep underground military bases are being destroyed with nuclear weapons as we speak (Google it) as the EN.LIL/YAHVEH-led Anunnaki annihilate the elite's remaining hiding places.

The Anunnaki are also systematically disarming, disabling, deactivating, and destroying nuclear weapons of all sorts around the world. They even began nuking underground bases on September 26, 2011, producing effects on the surface that are earthquake-like. These beings are here to take the power from the New World Order elite (Illuminati) and give it back to mankind.

FEMA plays a vital role in the New World Order. When the gods return, there will be confusion, death, and destruction, and possibly extinction-level ecological disasters. This is why FEMA has been preparing coffins and detention camps for U.S. citizens and why FEMA has clearly been preparing for the declaration of martial law. This is also why FEMA is training for a so-called "alien invasion". And when the gods begin their decent, FEMA will have you believe that Earth is being invaded by hostile extraterrestrials, and that FEMA has your best interests at heart. But these are not invaders, they are our saviors, and FEMA, rather than developing a strategy to help you, have already made your coffins.

The elite humans of earth are not faking the existence of UFO's and aliens. However, their aim is to manipulate us to fear and hate the returning Gods rather than embrace them for who they truly are: our rescuers. The "false flag alien invasion theory" is itself a PSYOP; there will be no false flag alien/UFO invasion. The worldly powers that be want you to think that they've planned a staged extraterrestrial invasion because, unlike the unawakened masses, you can't be fooled into thinking that hostile aliens are invading when the Elohim return. This is the true scope of Project Bluebeam. But the Elohim are real, and they are not invaders.

For they will destroy the New World Order, as the gods oppose deception, they will come and destroy key military bases, especially underground bases and the elite-controlled earth governments will declare that we are being invaded, and that we are being warred upon.

But the truth is, that it will be the insidious international bankers who are being warred upon, and all of their puppet governments destroyed.

The power elite will be completely annihilated, and the meek - people like us - will inherit the earth.

The Anunnaki, also spelled Annunaki, also known as the Elohim, which is Hebrew for "gods" (deities also known as watchers) are in the process of returning and will soon we will fully experience their return. The first human civilization that the Anunnaki bestowed upon mankind was Sumer. The ancient Sumerians, who occupied ancient Sumeria (modern day Iraq), were hybrids of the existing earth hominids and the gods, or extraterrestrials (aliens) from planet Nibiru.

YouTube is a cesspool of CIA disinformation and black-op acclimation to New World Order agendas (NWO as in those who engineered it, the international power elite, i.e. the Illuminati) which are largely PSYOPS (including the PSYOP of making people think that the power elite are planning a false flag alien invasion by faking UFO sightings with fake UFOs and military in alien costumes. Well, Project Blue Beam (Bluebeam) is a disinformational psyoptical hoax. Why would the elite weaponize space if the threat to the evil New World Order was not real? Space weaponization is costly (refer to the Anunnaki documentary about these ancient aliens or the movie's various trailer(s).

The Anunnaki and the Alien Greys are the only two extraterrestrial species interacting with mankind at this time; the other so-called alien races were hoaxes invented by the CIA specifically to serve the purpose of extraterrestrial disinformation on the internet (and on YouTube in particular). The Anunnaki and the Alien Greys are the only significant ET players in the endgame. The Pleiadians do not exist. The shape-shifting (shapeshifting) reptilians do not exist. The Galactic Federation does not exist. The Anunnaki are like humans but better. The Alien Greys are completely self-serving and evil and are in leauge with the power elite known as the Illuminati. See past the distractions and illusions.
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