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Message Subject No Alien Invasion, No UFO False Flag EITHER: The Anunnaki Have Returned to Save Mankind From the New World Order!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Lol. stupid BS stories by people with IQ of monkeys.

Do you really think an advanced civilization would need to infiltrate or say anything at all to us to take over the world or do how they pleased?

We humans are such a recent species and we are already in the age of nano technology. Pretty soon we will be able to create gold out of sand, make ourselves like Gods and everything you can imagine just by changing atoms disposition. Scientists say that in one hundred years we will have quantum computers that will use the spacetime fabric of the universe to simulate universes just like the one we are in without anyone in it ever knowing it. How is this possible? Because the energy in 1cm3 of vacuum is the same as putting the entire universe we see (search YouTube for "size of the universe" or similar) inside that 1cm3. That's beyond comprehensible for our brains.
Now imagine a species thousands or even millions of years more advanced than us. Nanotechnology and all that advanced science would be what they learn right after they are born. Well not learn because they wont need it, they will just upload entire science encyclopedias to their brain in seconds.

A species like that could just put "ancient" technology like nanobots in our water and kill, change, or do whatever they wanted with us without us even knowing it. God knows what they could do. They sure as hell would make what you see in that movie "Inception" also look like ancient crappy technology.

We can already be living in a real Matrix created by alien invaders and we would never know it.

So you guys that describe aliens like they are some human like species, that acts as we do, that does deals with our governments and needs those archaic methods of manipulation called politics and religions to control us are nuts. If they want something done they will do it without everyone ever knowing, trust me because in a few hundred years we will be able to do the same things ourselves.
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