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Message Subject No Alien Invasion, No UFO False Flag EITHER: The Anunnaki Have Returned to Save Mankind From the New World Order!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I should start by saying I am not a christian, I am an athiest. I believe we are spiritual beings and do not need to worship ANY claiming to be a god. These Annunaki are not gods. They are not demons, "fallen angels" or any other such nonsense. They are frauds and have been deceiving humanity for thousands of years, along with the rest of ETs. They created all of our major religions and have conditioned us to think we have to worship something or someone. If they want to be worshiped, and their "lord" whatever-the-fuck his name is, they can collectively fuck themselves. And you, OP, are a fool to think they are telling the truth about their intentions.
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