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Was there a second 'Roswell incident' ?

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United Kingdom
03/06/2012 05:33 AM
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Was there a second 'Roswell incident' ?
[link to www.ufodigest.com]

A new book chronicles how a USAF pilot witnessed a Roswell-like crash near the Rio Grande in 1955.

In what one UFO investigator has called "one of the most amazing UFO stories I have ever heard", new details have come to light about a 1955 UFO crash near the Texas-Mexico border, reminicent of the crash in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. US Air Force Pilot Robert B. Willingham has described how he was part of a bomber escort when he witnessed an usual object crash near the Rio Grande. Like the Roswell crash, when Willingham and a friend returned to the site they were forbidden access by Mexican soldiers who had taken control of the area.