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A Fork In the Road

Anonymous Coward
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United States
11/08/2005 09:28 AM
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A Fork In the Road
I hope this serves as a wake-up call to someone. Usually one that does not resonate to these type of channelings, I was moved by these messages.

Is it really too late?

I would hope not.

The choice is ours.

>>>From July until the end of this year there will be new energies coming to Earth. As we mentioned, a part of this energy is from Prime Creator. We had hoped to plant into your consciousness a pull or calling from home. You might consider this a type of homing device.

Isis has mentioned that she is a receiving and sending tower, but know that all of you receive who are part of this connection. The connection we speak of is that you once stepped foot on our planet, and therefore there is an energic connection. Never mind that you came from other part so the cosmos. Once passing through, you connected to our group mind in a manner that makes you receptive to our thoughts.

Our thoughts do not override your free will but rather you might be what some call simpatico to our goals. Our goal is to bring in the energies for spiritual advancement and to monitor how those energies are implementing into the psyche of the human.

Our connectors give us an idea of the composition of group mind towards spiritual evolution on the planet. So in a sense you might be considered the thermometers of the new root race that is waiting in the wings to come to Earth.

This new beginning will come when the timing is right. The people on earth must be ready to accept this new beginning. This represents a rather serious time in Earth history. Evolution must advance as it is the call from Prime Creator, and there are not enough people on the planet who are ready to advance.

Group consciousness has not risen quickly enough so that the forces of negativity prevail at the present time. We have not come back to give more directions as we monitor this condition and are not able to give the next step until we find that the group consciousness has risen sufficiently to meet the necessary requirements for what you call ascension.

Presently this is not possible at this time. There are very few people who can make the cut so to say. Earth will move through the dimensions. The cosmos will move according to plan so that this galaxy must accommodate that fact.

As far as we can see, the people are not ready yet. The entity you know of as Carolyn Evers has just recently sent three transmissions from our messengers to a group conference which we are hoping will cooperate with us so that we can help raise the consciousness of this planet.

We consider it an emergency of sorts. The planet is moving faster in its balancing and clearing and the people are not keeping up with the ascent.

As you are aware there is a struggle above your planet between the light and the dark and it is intense. There is a struggle for the human mind and heart. There has been much release of compassion and the love force because of recent hurricanes such as Katrina, but along with it there are more outbreaks of hatred and indifference. We speak of the recent outbreak of the rioting in Parisian suburbs as an example, there are others. The hatred is intense and it is fostered by beings off planet. We were hoping to move group consciousness to the next level and it languishes at the same level that was expressed in July.

Any time you have questions, please connect with us as perhaps it might help those who are willing to work with us to set forth a stronger effort.<<<

The Command Post

St. Germain: This Is The Start
November 3, 2005

We have been known to be a promoter of peace and to have sponsored the purple flame. Many know of this process and it is not our purpose to explain it here.

My reason for writing this is to announce to all who will listen that there is a need at the moment and we would say a very grave need to send your blessings to the core of the Earth to help her sustain balance in the upcoming months.

For those who have followed the messages given by our channel, you would be aware that we in this group of activity are placing a great emphasis on helping to bring through the new energies, incorporating them in the Earth and helping to raise group consciousness of the people.

It will only be through group consciousness on a world wide basis that the Earth can come through the coming changes without destruction. The recent hurricane activity has occurred because the changes were necessary and group consciousness on this planet is still resting at a very low level.

Yes, this planet needs clearing, but if you are to assist the Earth, she needs the inhabitants on her surface to be loving, happy and full of peace and good will towards all. The warring nature of so many people here has taken a toll on the clearing systems of this plant. This has been aggravated by the continual pollution of her waterways, land, air and the extraction of oil which acts as her life blood keeping equilibration through her rotation.

We have designed a program of instilling within the hearts of the lightworkers a sense of peace and cooperation and the feelings of brotherhood. We hope to reach 10% of the worldīs population and that would be the critical mass to cause an elevation of vibrations.

Unfortunately, we are no where near that critical level. So many of the light workers have not yet awakened to their promises. So that means that the few who are aware and awake, need to pull a double shift of activity to help others to become aware of the need for opening the heart to love and compassion.

Love and compassion seems like such a simple process, but that process is far from being fulfilled by the masses. Hate, greed and control is the language of the day. The world sleeps in materialism and feel-good pleasures.

Our messenger has sent out many messages indicating that the next step is volcanic activity. This is a distinct possibility if the group consciousness is not raised and quickly. Previously we have asked for meditations of peace and love and envisioning cooperation among all the worldīs people once a day. Because of the lack of this activity, we ask that all who read this envision peace and blessings twice a day followed by the purple flame directed toward the core of the earth and that flame being assimilated in every layer of the Earth above the core. Start with the core first and move out towards the rest of the planet then move towards the sun.

There is a direct link between the core of the Earth and the sun. The sun is being bombarded by energy that comes from cosmic center. The Earth shifted her axis very slightly during the tsunami last year. The axis must probably shift several more times to be in direct alignment to cosmic center.

During the loss of enlightenment in Atlantis, the Earthīs core was shaken and it moved because the peopleīs consciousness fell. The firmament which protected the Earth broke up and fell as rain. This story is related in the bible as the flood.

As you might surmise, the Earth went through a great traumatic shock. Now is the prophesized time that the Earth must right herself to harmonize to the conditions of outer space and the inhabitants must raise their vibratory rate to accommodate this change.

Those who are not able to raise their vibrations will either transition, where they could come back later or go to another place to incarnate which is similar to this earth is its level of life, or their vibrational level will be damaged as if in an atom smashing machine. It will be in mercy and justice that those who are unable to advance towards the light will transition. The possibility for a great amount of loss of life is certain.

So what is necessary to prepare for this great advance of spiritual understanding that is surely coming, is to first open your own heart center. You do this through desire and the help of your guardian angels and guides, but call on your angelsī help first.

As your heart centers open, then it is necessary to purge all the traumas that you endured during your past lifetimes that you now carry in your etheric body. As you open your heart centers and clear your etheric bodies, you will be able to contain more of the energies that come from cosmic center.

As you absorb these energies, you in effect raise the consciousness of the planet. As the consciousness of this planet rises, ideas will surface among those who are unenlightened. They will be prompted towards certain behavior and that behavior will open their own heart centers.

What you do for yourself you do for others. This is the start. We will monitor the condition of the world population and report the progress to you.

If you wish to learn how to clear your physical of past life traumas, read Chaos Before Creation found at the website below.

Protector of the Purple Flame
Master St. Germain.


Archangel Michael: The First Piece

I stand here with my sword of truth for you and for the world and especially for my messenger. I anoint all of you for my words are prophetic. St. Germain has given you a message of the gravity of the moment and we would like to add to that message.

We had stepped in earlier in the year several times and asked for meditations to be given at special doorway of possibilities where an event was quickly becoming a probability. We asked for mediations to be given in a certain form, but all of them were very similar as the components were basically the same.

We will do this in the future as the potential is here for destruction, but we wish the changes to come in a balanced form, but this is not something that we can do by ourselves. We need your help.

We have been able to bring forth the energies of renewal and help connect them to your grid system. We have connected new vortexes as energy systems changed. And we have called for advanced beings to come to Earth to incarnate at this special time. We also have waiting in the wings so to speak, other advanced souls ready to lead as the last cabal who wish to control Earth are swept away.

We have done all we could do even to the point of fowling attempts to set off nuclear explosions on your surface, but we cannot change the hearts of the people. We turn to you to complete that work.

St. Germain has mentioned to you that the collective consciousness of humankind must change. You are well aware that there is an energy body of thought that circles the planet. The condition of that energy body of thought is what drives the direction of evolution on this planet.

We in the wings have brought forth what we can do by way of elevating the time line of events for your planet. This is a planet of free will to the point that you have in your hands the compass as to how you will travel that line of development.

My workers of light, some of you are completely on target, but I am sorry to say that there are not enough to carry out the mission of stewards for Earth as she evolves towards the higher levels of attainment.

This is the main reason for the turbulence in the weather and the hiccups of Earth tremors that you call earthquakes. There is not enough assistance being given to Mother Earth and soon the volcanoes will start their eruptions if she is not quieted and soothed.

So I say to you go within and see upon your screens of perception and in your dreams the truth of what I say. Pope John Paul II has asked you to scry the Earth and those who have done this can see the cracks forming along he east coast of North America and in the Caribbean Ocean. A tearing in the core is sending up spirals of hot lava in the Caribbean, and that lava is heating the water, contributing to the hurricane season. The crevice along the east coast is forming because an island of land is pushing its way to the surface. I tell you these things, but I say do not take my word for it. Go within and find your own answers.

There is much more I could tell you, but I would rather give this to you in bits and pieces. I feel this is enough for the first piece. Understand that Mother Mary, the Mother of Jesus, is the one who has decided that all information should be given to the people of Earth at this moment, but I say to you it will be given in pieces that you can digest and not become overwhelmed by it.

Until the next time, work with what I have given you and we will have more to discuss later.

Blessings in Truth
Archangel Michael


Jesus: A Fork In The Road

I offer my peace to you my friends. I said I would never leave you, no matter
that you perceived that I might be gone.

I was with you before I incarnated as that individual you know of as Jesus or Jeshua, and I have been with you since. Earth is a very beautiful place, and a land of enchantment as it followed a blueprint of such delicate balance and beauty. But it has been usurped by those who would strangle the life blood from her and from my people.

That experiment is coming to an end and Earth is being readied to become the beautiful goddess that she once was. We do not wish humanity to be wiped from the face of the planet and so there is a cooperation required from her people so that all advance in sublime beauty and grandeur. It is waiting there ready to be implemented.

As my friends have said, we have done our part and now we need help from our faithful followers to turn a new page for a new tomorrow. You are the page turners and so we will give you the end of the story first.

The end is but a beginning and it is a new life and it is a life beyond your expectations. You will be able to work with the energy that your God created and you will bring it forth and with your thoughts harden it so that it can turn into the denser gases and particles necessary to form ideas into matter.

This is your inheritance and this hasnīt been done for the most part since that glorious time in Atlantis. There are friends of yours who remember the glory days during that time and they have begun the process of putting into the grid system which holds the memory bank, a creation of a new human being.

The new human waiting to be expressed looks the same as your physical body now, but it will be completely rewired and in that rewiring there will be abilities that will be expressed that havenīt been here for a very long time.

Even as we speak your cells are turning towards crystal as that is the language of light and it is your Creatorīs language. The two hemispheres of the brain are becoming more integrated as the threads are increasing that mold spiritual thought which we call inspiration, into the rational, reasoning processes that you call logic. This is the ending chapter.

The middle of the book is a struggle between two forces. You are familiar with those forces and it is not necessary to describe them at the moment, but understand that as great as the forces are here struggling for supremacy, the struggle is even greater in the higher levels above you.

You approach a great fork in the road and that fork can lead to greater advancement or it can lead to total annihilation. The spark of life can be extinguished on this planet. We do not feel that this will happen, but know it is possible.

Your planet will advance to the higher vibratory levels with or without you. We are planning that humanity will be there as the Earth grows and expands to advanced levels of attainment. You are aware from your experiences from the past; plans do not always go as designed.

I can not add more to what my friends have disclosed, other than it is our promise to be with you and give you the necessary tools for the future. There is hope in our hearts as we want to instill hope into your hearts.

No matter the future, be at peace. Fill your hearts with love and honor your commitments. If you do not remember your commitments, go within and search for them. This time is perhaps your greatest opportunity for soul growth. Over the many years of Earth time, this period is the most sacred. You who are here have experienced much and it is now the time to graduate. We stand here with your diplomas and your maps.

Some will stay here, some will go back to their original homes, but we give our gratitude to all. It was a wonderful adventure this game of life here on this beautiful planet. Enjoy every moment of it.

Blessings and happiness in all you do

Transcribed by Carolyn Evers * [link to www.HealingMysteries.com] *

User ID: 9482
United States
11/08/2005 10:10 AM
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Re: A Fork In the Road
In the immortal words of Yogi Beara:

"When you come to a fork in the road, take it"