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Message Subject Did J.P. Morgan Build the Titanic to Kill Off the Competition and Form the Federal Reserve? The Coincidences Are Amazing.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
dude this is the oldest conspiracy theory out that peeps will call u nuts for. I love rocking peoples world with the titanic theory. Lots of info on the net.

Look into the two ships Titanic and Britania, the Titanic's sister ship. Not only did they get rid of all those other pesky rich folk, but they also did an insurance scam switcheroo between the two ships, turning the damaged Britania into Titanic, then sinking her to claim the insurance.

Even the wreck when they found it had wierd bits that pointed to it being Britania and not Titanic.

The captain was a Jesuit apparently, was ordered to sink the ship.

Hell they pulled off 911 in modern times. Back then this would have been a cakewalk. I believe it all OP. So obvious. Well done, cant beleive it hasnt been discussed on GLP yet. Awesome...
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