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Message Subject MARCH CONJUNCTION !!!! , Return of the Danites ! And the Child of the Sun.
Poster Handle aether
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Pray for Japan though. On a sad note, they had shakes yesterday. Seismic activity.

Nothing can withstand the energies of the planets !

Luckily no damage and no one was harmed, a celebration in itself and a relief.

 Quoting: APOLLYON .

the interesting part is no planet or star is it`s own master

each is beholden to our universal hierarchy of authority

structure and function can never be seperated

Most people are unaware that we have no understanding of how lightning is created in clouds. The simplest answer is that lightning is not generated there at all. Clouds merely form a convenient path to Earth for electricity originating in space. Without clouds it is possible to have a "bolt from the blue". That is happening on Venus (although the sky certainly isn't blue). Weather systems are driven primarily by external electrical influences.

Consequently the Sun has weather patterns. And the most distant planet, Neptune, has the most violent winds in the solar system though it receives very little energy from the Sun. Electric discharges from space cause Mars' huge dust devils and planet-wide dust storms. They are responsible for Jupiter's Great Red Spot and the "spokes" in Saturn's rings. It is why Venus has lightning in its smog-like clouds and its mountain-tops glow with St. Elmo's fire. It is why the Earth has lightning stretching into space in the form of "red sprites" and "blue jets", and why tethered satellites "blow a fuse".
 Quoting: observation
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