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Subject jesus is coming back through orion ... stargate ..blue kachina red kachina found them
Poster Handle the truth bringer
Post Content
im hearing an awefull alot about jesus coming back from orion ..

the pyramids line up to orion , solomons key is also orion , there has been near death experiences where the guy was took to hell then heaven but on the way back he noticed orion and god said to him watch for jesus coming through orion ...

solomons key ... interesting . lot of stuff about stargate etc ..america's buildings and monuments the way there set out , and they all worship the same stuff as the sumarians did to ... must read below this is all tying together

[link to keyofsolomon.net]

orion mentioned in bible and from other people ..

[link to shallroar.com]

louis famoso car accident 1963 saw into the future , mentions orion ...

[link to raptureintheairnow.com]

question is why would jesus come from orion , is is satan or jesus ... who knows
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