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Message Subject jesus is coming back through orion ... stargate ..blue kachina red kachina found them
Poster Handle the truth bringer
Post Content

i will do thanks, but they are deffo the red and blue kachina , i mean the hopi were also mated by star beings .. and the propisies were told to them , but this goes back to egpyt and sumarian scripts also ... this is huge stuff .

look at the near death experience i posted above , read it , very interesting , mentions the coming of jesus also from orion ... why isnt anyone interested in this , everyone was on about the hopi and kachina's ..

also nibiru the second sun etc ... when the Betelgeuse could supoer nova at any minute and become the second sun ...
 Quoting: the truth bringer

just look at the vid at 7:41. it shows an artifact that aligns with your thread.
 Quoting: Salt

i did i answered you above ... i have just watched it all , thats some nephilim stuff right there amazing stuff ...why more goons on here arnt interested in all the ancient stuff is beyond me , for the elite know what the ancients did to ... this is very interesting stuff , jesus and orion on the bottom of that pyramid ... just awesome
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