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Message Subject Windows 8, a warning to all the pirates, file sharers, anti Obamaites... Anyone with a brain.
Poster Handle ifSHTF
Post Content
Indeed, hearing about the start menu and killswitch made it very clear.

But what do you expect, Windows is always good, bad, good, bad etc with each version coming out.

To be precise:

- Win 1-2 Bad
- Win 3.1 Good
- Win 95 Bad
- Win 98 Good
- Win 2000 Bad
- Win XP Good
- Win Vista Bad
- Win 7 Good
- Win 8 Bad
 Quoting: Daikirai

Also, Windows 95 was great. It put us from from 3.11 to 95 and that was revolutionary, which gave us the ability to really multi-task! That was like going from Wolfenstein to Quake!

PS - You've also entirely skipped Windows NT, which was your foundation for 2k. I'm sure someone else might mentioned it, but you entirely left off MS DOS as well.

Also, how can you even say 2k was bad, while giving XP "good"?

Your list... Bad
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