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US Army: Geotagged Facebook posts put soldiers' lives at risk

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User ID: 6853650
United States
03/09/2012 03:53 PM
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US Army: Geotagged Facebook posts put soldiers' lives at risk
[link to www.bbc.co.uk]

Soldiers' lives are being put at risk by geotagged photos - marked with a location - on social media sites like Facebook, the US Army has warned.

It says Facebook's new Timeline feature, which creates a map of places geotagged by users, also poses a risk to soldiers and their families.

Facebook's Timeline could also reveal soldiers' routes and habits to terrorists, hackers or other criminals, he warned.

"Timeline presents some unique security challenges for users who tag location to posts," Staff Sgt Sweetnam said.

"Honestly, it's pretty scary how much an acquaintance that becomes a Facebook 'friend' can find out about your routines and habits if you're always tagging location to your posts."

So, imagine what facebook does to us...anyone can find out anything about you ...I know you all know this, just posting this because the "Army" is concerned for the soldiers..