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hearing voices and music through fan


User ID: 1376880
United Kingdom
09/17/2012 05:25 AM
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Re: hearing voices and music through fan
Sometimes I have a radio on when I sleep, a few times my hubby is down stairs playing pc games. Sometimes I can hear the sound effects of his game on my radio, it's strange.
 Quoting: alexisj9

Your fan motor is picking up radio waves ; when we were kids we disconnected a speaker and attached a motor instead , and the audio was clear .... i a dry solder joint could add to this , acting like an aerial
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That was my point I think.
User ID: 18244063
United States
09/23/2012 04:07 PM
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Re: hearing voices and music through fan
Well, it's not white noise you're hearing when you're trying to carry your 15th load of laundry of the day upstairs from the basement and you're pissed off that your husband has the tv blairing so loud you cant hear yourself think and you can't get up the stairs fast enough to tell him to turn it down and half way up you just scream out at the top of your lungs "can you turn that f---in tv down please" only to find out that there's nobody home but you and the tv is not even turned on and the second you round the corner to the living room where al the noise was coming from there's nothin but dead silence.

Or when there is no fan on or anything else on and the windows are open and you suddenly start hearing a mans voice screaming like he's being tortured and you hear other voices at the same time and they're having conversation like talking and your wondering why nobody will try to help that poor guy and you run outside and look all areound and there's nobody or no screaming or nothing going on.

User ID: 70730736
United States
11/04/2015 11:41 PM
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Re: hearing voices and music through fan
I had this problem for years and have fixed it I think..... I seemed to have stopped the talking fan by deleting all the media entries named "radio" in the registry of my laptop.
It doesn't explain some things such as..
1) When my daughter came in from work it would always start. I think her iPhone was it. When she left it would not always stop. Sometimes would continue for days.
2) The registry entries said "analog Radio" and I heard channel 4 news distinctly. Along with talk, music, preaching etc.
A month ago U-Verse lost all power over a couple of states. It was at that time I heard the silence and normal hum of the fan. This helped in understanding the source.
I kept deleting Bluetooth entries but they would return on next boot. It has been 48 hours of quiet since deleting "radio".
If anyone should stumble on this later give this a try if you don't care about media center. Delete all radio entries but NOT the radio Buttons for IE explorer and Windows Explorer. They say Type=Radio.
I am glad for now at least, it is quiet in our house! Please export each reg. entry before deleting, just in case.