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I didnt watch the video. I know there is sometruth to it whether it was intended. The church had a chance to wipe out the muslim faith back in the day of Genghis Khan. Tnhe mongol leader asked the church to teach them of christianity. A few members of the Knight's Templar set out with 3 or 7 priests to mongolia. For reasons never specified, they turned back half way there.
 Quoting: GoldenRuled

They turned back, because they believed that they had reached the tipping point, the point beyond which the then "flat" Earth began to tip down in the direction they were travelling. They quickly doubled back, in order to get the Earth back in balance.

Mongols, Far Easterners, Africans and, to some extent, Persians and Arabs were thought to inhabit the Underworld (the underside of the Earth) back then, hence their "charred" skin and narrowed eyes, all from the intense heat on that side of the Earth.

The topside dwellers' original intent was to transport the Underworld dwellers to the top side, in other words save them. As with most plans, that one fell apart when those, topside, with influence decided to instead take advantage of the arriving Underworlders by denying them rights and amenities and forcing them instead into slave labour.




Disclaimer: the above account is to be considered fiction until proven otherwise.
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