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03/10/2012 10:40 AM
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For those who are children of the earth, please listen to my words, I speak for our mother.

Thrive, the movie, is a clear example of merchant propaganda, like many others built on the same pattern.

All the ingredients of mainstream fast food for the sick brains of the people in our overstimulated and infatuated societies are present in this mental big mac . New age pretensions, outer space intelligence behind the revelation, miraculous free energy is in big letters on the entry sign of this proposition of a new world where alle the words everybody wants to hear are used ad nauseam. Wealth, democracy, equality, freedom etc etc.
Itís another announcement for an Eldorado for those looking for an apparent easy way to solve their problems

Lets look at it with special glasses that allow reading small and hidden characters. The merchants behind the proposition say that the thorus, a natural expression of energy in the nature can be used through a machine they sell ... Maybe you can buy the plans, youíll still have to buy the parts from the industries they control. Itís recuperation of ancient knowledge that was used without any technology, the body was the only mediator needed for using it. This knowledge is still alive and few practitioners use it in their lives.

Machines are not the answer, itís the problem.

There is a condition for being able to use the free energy of the Tao, one of the names used to describe it. The condition seems to hard and long for many who wants it fast and easy. So like others they fall in the traps the merchants use to appeal the naive.

I would like to make clear a very important point for those open to hear it.
The financial system is not a problem, itís the consequence of a problem witch is money itself. The invention of money is here the cause and it should disappear for the problem to be solved.
The source of the infection shall be removed otherwise the disease will stay.

This is a cue for all of you seeking for truth, all those who are for money and its perpetuation are liars. All those asking money for the pretended solutions they offer you are selling lies. The ancient wisdom is free for all with no distinction of rank or class. The only condition is to be open of heart and free of conditioning. The conditioning is the hard crust of beliefs engraved in our brains for thousands of years of education that buries the door to the source of knowledge, the omniscient Tao.

When the Tao is on earth the warriors are peasants in the fields and forests gathering the fruits of the soil.

In this promised land there are no computers and no machines , the bodies senses and members include all the tools needed to pick and feed from an abundant nature., for the inside is connected with the outside in a symbiotic relation. The good periodically transform to the bad, but never to become worst. The reason it does not get worst is that the good never seeks to be better. Knowing the simple fact that going up always mean going down , that activity needs to transform in the opposite phase of recovering by relaxation and rebuilding our reserves, this simple knowledge is the key named planetary heart.

Vision of future events.

I can tell what is ahead, for my vision is clear and able to see the signs announcing the events to come. Those are in relation with my own body that is connected with the earth. What happens to the one happens to the whole.
Many of the human kind will follow the priests of the religion in witch money is the god, for they are not true humans, they where diverted from species to grow the armies of believers in the false
teachings of the black priests, using techno-media to infect the brains with appealing propaganda.
This important mass of followers will eventually provoke the collapse of the planet equilibrium and cataclysmic reactions will occur killing most of the humans on earth. Those events have already occurred in dispersed locations, they will generalize soon, affecting almost the entire planet. The reason they need to gain more and more power is to build what will protect them from the fury of mother earth reacting to the infection of mankind. Only a few will be accepted in their fortress , all those who worked for them constructing their protective armor will be abandoned after use. That is the wrong direction it is the selfish and egotistic belief that the ancients described as the fallen angels of the symbolic and mythic representation.

There is a way to escape the fury and consequences it will bring and that way is in relation with the retreat, the FOU hexagram of the I ching, sacred book and witness of the ancient wisdom contained in the primitive knowledge of the beings connected to the Tao. All are invited for it is free and open.

Have you seen the movie 2012 ? One of the few that where saved is the monk on the mountain, the one the wave submerged . His body died, but he survived because he identified to the whole, leaving his individuality behind. For the rest, that movie like many others is propaganda for false solutions that the merchants and the industries they feed sell to the captive people in the cities. All those who went in the ark where lost, not because they died, because they taught saving their bodies was enough, nourishing the fear of death for them and their relatives. If there is way`s to control the mass, fear is one of the mos effective.

When I evoked the fallen angels of the myth, I made a fractal reading of it, relating them to what is happening, here and now, on earth .
We can see a majority of people that are confined in the cities, mentally enslaved by a sophisticated mental conditioning to work for the descendants of a class of rulers that are originally the fallen angels, survivors of the previous catastrophic event that erased almost all human life on the planet. Their families rule the human kind since they came out of the hidden techno cities that where built in the previous cycle, the fourth sun of Maya`s cosmology.

They came back on earth to encounter primitive humans that where descendants of those who managed to survive outside in certain untouched spots the cataclysm did not affect.

The so called fallen angels that where in fact humans, used the technology they still possessed to convince the primitive they where gods and they showed them techniques like metallurgy, agriculture, architecture, irrigation and taught them words and writing, so the primitive man became educated and therefore the conditioning of his brain made the connection he had with de Tao become less an less effective to the point it was ruptured. They are those who built the first cities and imposed money, with the help of slaves captured and forced to work in the beginnings.
For they are the ones that brought metal weapons and war techniques, developed navigation and colonization. They are also those who proposed gods looking like humans placing man on top of an artificial hierarchy where all other species were meant to serve him. From there man subjugated by his enforced pride started to destroy nature and enslave animals to serve his own growth. Doing that he slowly degenerated.

When you live in the city, you are pushed to adopt the system they imposed, you let your own children get conditioned by what will transform them in slaves for that class of rulers. The middle is so persuading that you are yourself overwhelmed, incapable of seeing the truth.
You are working on the prisons that are confining your families in a labyrinth where it is impossible to find the way out. Most will be lost because they are from the diversion I mentioned previously, as what was the biodiversity, forms of life that disappeared with the growth of urbanization. They where recycled to augment the number of human mutants, their souls werenít meant to inhabit human form an therefore are unable to attain a degree of conscience to use it properly. That is known by the rulers and they manipulate those creatures to make them work on their selfish goals.

Do you really think you live in a free speech country where your vote has a value ? Itís your conditioning that is voting, not you. They already built some of their retreats, stacking reserves, weapons, tools and the last technology to protect the chosen few that will pass trough the chaotic period of the planet reaction to human infection. An infection they induced to gain power. They will be the pathogen bacteria, the virus that will survive to infect the next cycle.

Most of politicians are puppets chosen because their ambition and greed for self recognition, they are blind to a point the true rulers can make them do what they want them to do, be very convincing salesman for the impossible dream they propose. Commercial artist are also used on another level as mediators between politicians and the people they are subsided by the merchants who find in them a vehicle for selling their products, to maintain the system in place long enough for, at their level gain enough to retire. That retreat has nothing to do with the one the rulers and their families and followers are hoping, it is a fraction of the fractal it really is, leaving everything
and everybody behind to save what they think is the way to save their dominant position. To attain that goal they gamble on the existence of the entire planetary life, without any remorse for the suffering of the creatures they use.

My mission is to inform and propose the other way out of those urban prisons, the road you can walk, where cars can be left behind with all the other gadgets they made us think are important, all the things that keeps us in a material and heavy condition, prisons for the soul.

Fractal vision is the tool of clairvoyance. All things in the universe possess its signature in lower and upper levels from the one they stand. Itís the lecture of those signatures that teaches the centered being, the wise, who can read past and future of the small and the big trough the long and the short term. It is how I inform you of what is going on here on earth.

The primal event that created the first human mutant is still present today in the form of the techniques used to subjugate humanity. It was recorded as the parable of Mashye and Mashyane or Adam and Eve , that where pushed by a seducer using lies to adopt a certain point of view.
The tactic was then used throughout the ages by the merchants to convince buying their stuff and paying with the resources of their homeland, depleting it to the point many places are now deserts. Money was imposed to facilitate the exchanges at the expense of entertaining à new class of parasites. All those would vote for the system without regards for the costs their positions command., they where and are kept unconscious of reality.