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Message Subject Newly Discovered Artifacts Prove Mayans Had Alien Contact!
Poster Handle WeAreOne
Post Content
Why will people ignore Jesus, and what He reveal now about Heaven, and believe all this alien stuff? Jesus walk between the people on earth. He took hundreds of people to Heaven, and reveal Heaven to all of them.

I know where I'm going to because I study what Jesus is doing RIGHT NOW, not 1000 years ago. As from I told Jesus, if telling the people what He does now, is imported to Him. I will tell them all.
He took our Grandchild now 5 years old 7 times to Heaven and reveal even the earth quakes to come, the Rapture, the Tables that is ready for the wedding feast. He showed him our houses in Heaven. He also met the Father, and the Father told him that He see that his family love Him and that we are nearly there (so time is up) THAT IS AWESOME.

Jesus told him that it wont be long anymore, and that He wants His people with Him now.

WOW that is what Jesus does right under your nose, and the people where still busy to finding out what will happen, and consult evil spirits to hear from them, as to know what Jesus reveal to them, that is so ridiculous

Earth is going to disappear after the tribulation, and yes there will be a 7-year tribulation and then God is going to finish off the people who donít want to listen to Him, or not believe in Him.

Why will He do that, because He is the CREATOR of Heaven and earth, He create you to worship Him and God deserve all the Glory and the honor because He is a awesome God worthy of all honor and praise not the way that people speak about Him. He will wipe the ignorant people off the earth. And if you think, thatís bad, He created you, who are you to say anything against your creator. If you donít believe this, wait and see. I hope that you will change your minds and save your families lives

Everything the Bible said if you know prophecies did come true. And every Word of God will come true. Because He knows, the end right from the beginning.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12179419

Search Amen Ra's history and you'll see it matches almost exactly to Jesus. Why do you think you end each pray with Amen?

Priests are now coming out saying hell is fake and religion is about control.

A vatican translator has come out saying God was an alien.

Most bible stories originated in another era and were pinched by the bible.

The Sumerian history is buried for very good reasons. Research it and you'll discover why.
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