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Message Subject Newly Discovered Artifacts Prove Mayans Had Alien Contact!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The truth is:

God was and is an alien being, heaven either represents a large mother ship or it represents the galaxy from which the visitors came.

They left us with rules and laws to obey to help us succeed on Earth, it was interpreted by man and wrote down..later to become known as the bible.

If the Mayan calender is correct, then it may represent the time when the visitors will return to see how we fared, or to take us to another level of accomplishments in science, math and the sciences, thus we would appear to have a "New Earth" a new world where the Earth would become fruitful once again and new discoveries which could abolish all diseases and mans lifespan would increase once again.

That in my opinion is the truth, which i have known since i was a child.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6998062

Oh really? Why the bible? Why not the Torah, the Quran, any other "divine" book?

What if the "Gods" (aliens), as in many diverse species, shown up to a lot of different ancient civilizations and their technology were described differently?

Not that I believe this, but it's very biased to think only one book contains the hole truth, probably none of them do.
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